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--- a/gnu/lib/libg++/g++-include/curses.h
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@@ -1,82 +0,0 @@
-#ifndef _G_curses_h
-#include <_G_config.h>
-#ifdef __curses_h_recursive
-#include_next <curses.h>
-#define __curses_h_recursive
-extern "C" {
-#include_next <curses.h>
-/* Some systems (SVR4 for example) allow the definition of CHTYPE to set the
- type of some arguments to the curses functions. It can be set to "char"
- to save space, or it can be set to something longer to store both a
- character and some attributes. By default they do not define CHTYPE,
- and when CHTYPE is not defined, the default type is "unsigned long" instead
- of the traditional "char". However, SVR4 <curses.h> does define
- _VR3_COMPAT_CODE, so we can use that to detect when we should use the SVR4
- default if CHTYPE is not defined. For other systems, just default to the
- traditional default "char". */
-#ifdef CHTYPE
- typedef CHTYPE _G_chtype; /* Use specified type. */
-#ifdef _VR3_COMPAT_CODE
- typedef unsigned long _G_chtype; /* SVR4 default is "unsigned long" */
-#elif defined(hpux)
- typedef unsigned int _G_chtype;
- typedef char _G_chtype; /* Traditional default is "char" */
-/* Some args are conceptually const, but SVR4 (and others?) get it wrong. */
-#define _C_const /* const */
-WINDOW * (newwin)(int, int, int, int);
-WINDOW * (subwin)(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
-WINDOW * (initscr)();
-int (box) (WINDOW*, _G_chtype, _G_chtype);
-int (delwin)(WINDOW*);
-int (getcurx)(WINDOW*);
-int (getcury)(WINDOW*);
-int (mvcur)(int, int, int, int);
-int (overlay)(WINDOW*, WINDOW*);
-int (overwrite)(WINDOW*, WINDOW*);
-int (scroll)(WINDOW*);
-int (touchwin)(WINDOW*);
-int (waddch)(WINDOW*, _G_chtype);
-int (waddstr) _G_ARGS((WINDOW*, const char*));
-int (wclear)(WINDOW*);
-int (wclrtobot)(WINDOW*);
-int (wclrtoeol)(WINDOW*);
-int (wdelch)(WINDOW*);
-int (wdeleteln)(WINDOW*);
-int (werase)(WINDOW*);
-int (wgetch)(WINDOW*);
-int (wgetstr)(WINDOW*, char*);
-int (winsch)(WINDOW*, _G_chtype);
-int (winsertln)(WINDOW*);
-int (wmove)(WINDOW*, int, int);
-int (wrefresh)(WINDOW*);
-int (wstandend)(WINDOW*);
-int (wstandout)(WINDOW*);
-// SVR4 rather inanely bundles the format-string parameter with the '...'.
-// This breaks VMS, and I don't want to penalize VMS for being right for once!
-int (wprintw)(WINDOW*, _G_CURSES_FORMAT_ARG ...);
-int (mvwprintw)(WINDOW*, int y, int x, _G_CURSES_FORMAT_ARG ...);
-int (wscanw)(WINDOW*, _G_CURSES_FORMAT_ARG ...);
-int (mvwscanw)(WINDOW*, int, int, _G_CURSES_FORMAT_ARG ...);
-int (endwin)();
-#define _G_curses_h
-#endif /* _G_HAVE_CURSES */
-#endif /* _G_curses_h */