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+# @(#)README 5.1 (Berkeley) 6/30/90
+Notes about the contents of the /etc/kerberosIV directory:
+The file master_key contains a copy of the master key under which the
+entire Kerberos database is encrypted. Disclosing this key would be bad
+news. The reason it is stored in the filesystem is because the following
+programs need to inspect or modify the kereros database, and so the key
+must be available for them, (or else it would have to be typed in by
+ - kerberos (the server itself)
+ - registerd (for new user registration)
+ - kpasswdd (for changing passwords)
+The srvtab file contains the encryption keys for each service on the local
+host. Any host offering network services would have a key here, although
+many such files can be used.
+The principal.* files comprise the Kerberos database itself, and contain
+keys for all principles, and should not be world-readable.
+The kerberos.conf file contains the configuration for this machine:
+ - which realm I'm in
+ - which servers I should talk to for this realm
+The kerberos.realms file contains the name of Kerberos servers for
+various (sub)domains.
+Kerberos log information it placed in /var/log/kerberos.log
+(see rc.local to change it)
+The register_keys directory contains a set of files (all of which begin
+with "."), each of which contains a des key used for registering new users
+with the system. It is used only by the "registerd" program, and only on
+a Kerberos server host.
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+CS.BERKELEY.EDU okeeffe.berkeley.edu
+ATHENA.MIT.EDU kerberos.mit.edu
+ATHENA.MIT.EDU kerberos-1.mit.edu
+ATHENA.MIT.EDU kerberos-2.mit.edu
+ATHENA.MIT.EDU kerberos-3.mit.edu
+LCS.MIT.EDU kerberos.lcs.mit.edu
+TELECOM.MIT.EDU bitsy.mit.edu
+ARC.NASA.GOV trident.arc.nasa.gov
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+.berkeley.edu CS.BERKELEY.EDU
+.mit.edu ATHENA.MIT.EDU