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Static Analyzer
+With the option --show-description, scan-build's list of defects will also
+show the description of the defects.
-Core Analysis Improvements
+The analyzer now provides better support of code that uses gtest.
-- ...
+Several new checks were added:
-New Issues Found
+- The analyzer warns when virtual calls are made from constructors or
+ destructors. This check is off by default but can be enabled by passing the
+ following command to scan-build: -enable-checker optin.cplusplus.VirtualCall.
+- The analyzer checks for synthesized copy properties of mutable types in
+ Objective C, such as NSMutableArray. Calling the setter for these properties
+ will store an immutable copy of the value.
+- The analyzer checks for calls to dispatch_once() that use an Objective-C
+ instance variable as the predicate. Using an instance variable as a predicate
+ may result in the passed-in block being executed multiple times or not at all.
+ These calls should be rewritten either to use a lock or to store the predicate
+ in a global or static variable.
+- The analyzer checks for unintended comparisons of NSNumber, CFNumberRef, and
+ other Cocoa number objects to scalar values.
-- ...
Python Binding Changes