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New Compiler Flags
-The option ....
+Clang can "tune" DWARF debugging information to suit one of several different
+debuggers. This fine-tuning can mean omitting DWARF features that the
+debugger does not need or use, or including DWARF extensions specific to the
+debugger. Clang supports tuning for three debuggers, as follows.
+- ``-ggdb`` is equivalent to ``-g`` plus tuning for the GDB debugger. For
+ compatibility with GCC, Clang allows this option to be followed by a
+ single digit from 0 to 3 indicating the debugging information "level."
+ For example, ``-ggdb1`` is equivalent to ``-ggdb -g1``.
+- ``-glldb`` is equivalent to ``-g`` plus tuning for the LLDB debugger.
+- ``-gsce`` is equivalent to ``-g`` plus tuning for the Sony Computer
+ Entertainment debugger.
+Specifying ``-g`` without a tuning option will use a target-dependent default.
New Pragmas in Clang