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-=head1 NAME
-SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list, SSL_set_cipher_list - choose list of available SSL_CIPHERs
-=head1 SYNOPSIS
- #include <openssl/ssl.h>
- int SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list(SSL_CTX *ctx, const char *str);
- int SSL_set_cipher_list(SSL *ssl, const char *str);
-SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list() sets the list of available ciphers for B<ctx>
-using the control string B<str>. The format of the string is described
-in L<ciphers(1)|ciphers(1)>. The list of ciphers is inherited by all
-B<ssl> objects created from B<ctx>.
-SSL_set_cipher_list() sets the list of ciphers only for B<ssl>.
-=head1 NOTES
-The control string B<str> should be universally usable and not depend
-on details of the library configuration (ciphers compiled in). Thus no
-syntax checking takes place. Items that are not recognized, because the
-corresponding ciphers are not compiled in or because they are mistyped,
-are simply ignored. Failure is only flagged if no ciphers could be collected
-at all.
-It should be noted, that inclusion of a cipher to be used into the list is
-a necessary condition. On the client side, the inclusion into the list is
-also sufficient. On the server side, additional restrictions apply. All ciphers
-have additional requirements. ADH ciphers don't need a certificate, but
-DH-parameters must have been set. All other ciphers need a corresponding
-certificate and key.
-A RSA cipher can only be chosen, when a RSA certificate is available.
-RSA export ciphers with a keylength of 512 bits for the RSA key require
-a temporary 512 bit RSA key, as typically the supplied key has a length
-of 1024 bit (see
-RSA ciphers using DHE need a certificate and key and additional DH-parameters
-(see L<SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3)|SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3)>).
-A DSA cipher can only be chosen, when a DSA certificate is available.
-DSA ciphers always use DH key exchange and therefore need DH-parameters
-(see L<SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3)|SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3)>).
-When these conditions are not met for any cipher in the list (e.g. a
-client only supports export RSA ciphers with a asymmetric key length
-of 512 bits and the server is not configured to use temporary RSA
-keys), the "no shared cipher" (SSL_R_NO_SHARED_CIPHER) error is generated
-and the handshake will fail.
-If the cipher list does not contain any SSLv2 cipher suites (this is the
-default) then SSLv2 is effectively disabled and neither clients nor servers
-will attempt to use SSLv2.
-SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list() and SSL_set_cipher_list() return 1 if any cipher
-could be selected and 0 on complete failure.
-=head1 SEE ALSO
-L<ssl(3)|ssl(3)>, L<SSL_get_ciphers(3)|SSL_get_ciphers(3)>,