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-=head1 NAME
-SSL_CTX_set_cert_store, SSL_CTX_get_cert_store - manipulate X509 certificate verification storage
-=head1 SYNOPSIS
- #include <openssl/ssl.h>
- void SSL_CTX_set_cert_store(SSL_CTX *ctx, X509_STORE *store);
- X509_STORE *SSL_CTX_get_cert_store(const SSL_CTX *ctx);
-SSL_CTX_set_cert_store() sets/replaces the certificate verification storage
-of B<ctx> to/with B<store>. If another X509_STORE object is currently
-set in B<ctx>, it will be X509_STORE_free()ed.
-SSL_CTX_get_cert_store() returns a pointer to the current certificate
-verification storage.
-=head1 NOTES
-In order to verify the certificates presented by the peer, trusted CA
-certificates must be accessed. These CA certificates are made available
-via lookup methods, handled inside the X509_STORE. From the X509_STORE
-the X509_STORE_CTX used when verifying certificates is created.
-Typically the trusted certificate store is handled indirectly via using
-Using the SSL_CTX_set_cert_store() and SSL_CTX_get_cert_store() functions
-it is possible to manipulate the X509_STORE object beyond the
-Currently no detailed documentation on how to use the X509_STORE
-object is available. Not all members of the X509_STORE are used when
-the verification takes place. So will e.g. the verify_callback() be
-overridden with the verify_callback() set via the
-L<SSL_CTX_set_verify(3)|SSL_CTX_set_verify(3)> family of functions.
-This document must therefore be updated when documentation about the
-X509_STORE object and its handling becomes available.
-The X509_STORE structure used by an SSL_CTX is used for verifying peer
-certificates and building certificate chains, it is also shared by
-every child SSL structure. Applications wanting finer control can use
-functions such as SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store() instead.
-SSL_CTX_set_cert_store() does not return diagnostic output.
-SSL_CTX_get_cert_store() returns the current setting.
-=head1 SEE ALSO