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@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@ The B<openssl> program provides a rich variety of commands (I<command> in the
SYNOPSIS above), each of which often has a wealth of options and arguments
(I<command_opts> and I<command_args> in the SYNOPSIS).
+Detailed documentation and use cases for most standard subcommands are available
+(e.g., L<x509(1)> or L<openssl-x509(1)>).
Many commands use an external configuration file for some or all of their
arguments and have a B<-config> option to specify that file.
The environment variable B<OPENSSL_CONF> can be used to specify
@@ -369,8 +372,38 @@ SM3 Digest
=head2 Encoding and Cipher Commands
+The following aliases provide convenient access to the most used encodings
+and ciphers.
+Depending on how OpenSSL was configured and built, not all ciphers listed
+here may be present. See L<enc(1)> for more information and command usage.
=over 4
+=item B<aes128>, B<aes-128-cbc>, B<aes-128-cfb>, B<aes-128-ctr>, B<aes-128-ecb>, B<aes-128-ofb>
+AES-128 Cipher
+=item B<aes192>, B<aes-192-cbc>, B<aes-192-cfb>, B<aes-192-ctr>, B<aes-192-ecb>, B<aes-192-ofb>
+AES-192 Cipher
+=item B<aes256>, B<aes-256-cbc>, B<aes-256-cfb>, B<aes-256-ctr>, B<aes-256-ecb>, B<aes-256-ofb>
+AES-256 Cipher
+=item B<aria128>, B<aria-128-cbc>, B<aria-128-cfb>, B<aria-128-ctr>, B<aria-128-ecb>, B<aria-128-ofb>
+Aria-128 Cipher
+=item B<aria192>, B<aria-192-cbc>, B<aria-192-cfb>, B<aria-192-ctr>, B<aria-192-ecb>, B<aria-192-ofb>
+Aria-192 Cipher
+=item B<aria256>, B<aria-256-cbc>, B<aria-256-cfb>, B<aria-256-ctr>, B<aria-256-ecb>, B<aria-256-ofb>
+Aria-256 Cipher
=item B<base64>
Base64 Encoding
@@ -379,6 +412,18 @@ Base64 Encoding
Blowfish Cipher
+=item B<camellia128>, B<camellia-128-cbc>, B<camellia-128-cfb>, B<camellia-128-ctr>, B<camellia-128-ecb>, B<camellia-128-ofb>
+Camellia-128 Cipher
+=item B<camellia192>, B<camellia-192-cbc>, B<camellia-192-cfb>, B<camellia-192-ctr>, B<camellia-192-ecb>, B<camellia-192-ofb>
+Camellia-192 Cipher
+=item B<camellia256>, B<camellia-256-cbc>, B<camellia-256-cfb>, B<camellia-256-ctr>, B<camellia-256-ecb>, B<camellia-256-ofb>
+Camellia-256 Cipher
=item B<cast>, B<cast-cbc>
CAST Cipher
@@ -387,6 +432,10 @@ CAST Cipher
CAST5 Cipher
+=item B<chacha20>
+Chacha20 Cipher
=item B<des>, B<des-cbc>, B<des-cfb>, B<des-ecb>, B<des-ede>, B<des-ede-cbc>, B<des-ede-cfb>, B<des-ede-ofb>, B<des-ofb>
DES Cipher
@@ -411,6 +460,14 @@ RC4 Cipher
RC5 Cipher
+=item B<seed>, B<seed-cbc>, B<seed-cfb>, B<seed-ecb>, B<seed-ofb>
+SEED Cipher
+=item B<sm4>, B<sm4-cbc>, B<sm4-cfb>, B<sm4-ctr>, B<sm4-ecb>, B<sm4-ofb>
+SM4 Cipher
=head1 OPTIONS