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kadmin -q 'add_principal +requires_preauth -nokey YOUR_PRINCNAME'
+By default, the KDC requires PKINIT client certificates to have the
+standard Extended Key Usage and Subject Alternative Name attributes
+for PKINIT. Starting in release 1.16, it is possible to authorize
+client certificates based on the subject or other criteria instead of
+the standard PKINIT Subject Alternative Name, by setting the
+**pkinit_cert_match** string attribute on each client principal entry.
+For example::
+ kadmin set_string user@REALM pkinit_cert_match "<SUBJECT>CN=user@REALM$"
+The **pkinit_cert_match** string attribute follows the syntax used by
+the :ref:`krb5.conf(5)` **pkinit_cert_match** relation. To allow the
+use of non-PKINIT client certificates, it will also be necessary to
+disable key usage checking using the **pkinit_eku_checking** relation;
+for example::
+ [kdcdefaults]
+ pkinit_eku_checking = none
Configuring the clients