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-=head1 NAME
-DH_generate_parameters_ex, DH_generate_parameters,
-DH_check - generate and check Diffie-Hellman parameters
-=head1 SYNOPSIS
- #include <openssl/dh.h>
- int DH_generate_parameters_ex(DH *dh, int prime_len,int generator, BN_GENCB *cb);
- int DH_check(DH *dh, int *codes);
- DH *DH_generate_parameters(int prime_len, int generator,
- void (*callback)(int, int, void *), void *cb_arg);
-DH_generate_parameters_ex() generates Diffie-Hellman parameters that can
-be shared among a group of users, and stores them in the provided B<DH>
-structure. The pseudo-random number generator must be
-seeded prior to calling DH_generate_parameters().
-B<prime_len> is the length in bits of the safe prime to be generated.
-B<generator> is a small number E<gt> 1, typically 2 or 5.
-A callback function may be used to provide feedback about the progress
-of the key generation. If B<cb> is not B<NULL>, it will be
-called as described in L<BN_generate_prime(3)|BN_generate_prime(3)> while a random prime
-number is generated, and when a prime has been found, B<BN_GENCB_call(cb, 3, 0)>
-is called. See L<BN_generate_prime(3)|BN_generate_prime(3)> for information on
-the BN_GENCB_call() function.
-DH_check() validates Diffie-Hellman parameters. It checks that B<p> is
-a safe prime, and that B<g> is a suitable generator. In the case of an
-error, the bit flags DH_CHECK_P_NOT_SAFE_PRIME or
-DH_NOT_SUITABLE_GENERATOR are set in B<*codes>.
-DH_UNABLE_TO_CHECK_GENERATOR is set if the generator cannot be
-checked, i.e. it does not equal 2 or 5.
-DH_generate_parameters_ex() and DH_check() return 1 if the check could be
-performed, 0 otherwise.
-DH_generate_parameters() (deprecated) returns a pointer to the DH structure, or
-NULL if the parameter generation fails.
-The error codes can be obtained by L<ERR_get_error(3)|ERR_get_error(3)>.
-=head1 NOTES
-DH_generate_parameters_ex() and DH_generate_parameters() may run for several
-hours before finding a suitable prime.
-The parameters generated by DH_generate_parameters_ex() and DH_generate_parameters()
-are not to be used in signature schemes.
-=head1 BUGS
-If B<generator> is not 2 or 5, B<dh-E<gt>g>=B<generator> is not
-a usable generator.
-=head1 SEE ALSO
-L<dh(3)|dh(3)>, L<ERR_get_error(3)|ERR_get_error(3)>, L<rand(3)|rand(3)>,
-=head1 HISTORY
-DH_check() is available in all versions of SSLeay and OpenSSL.
-The B<cb_arg> argument to DH_generate_parameters() was added in SSLeay 0.9.0.
-In versions before OpenSSL 0.9.5, DH_CHECK_P_NOT_STRONG_PRIME is used