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=head1 NAME
s_server - SSL/TLS server program
@@ -219,6 +220,7 @@ Use the PSK identity hint B<hint> when using a PSK cipher suite.
Use the PSK key B<key> when using a PSK cipher suite. The key is
given as a hexadecimal number without leading 0x, for example -psk
+This option must be provided in order to use a PSK cipher.
=item B<-ssl2>, B<-ssl3>, B<-tls1>, B<-tls1_1>, B<-tls1_2>, B<-no_ssl2>, B<-no_ssl3>, B<-no_tls1>, B<-no_tls1_1>, B<-no_tls1_2>
@@ -403,10 +405,6 @@ a web browser the command:
can be used for example.
-Most web browsers (in particular Netscape and MSIE) only support RSA cipher
-suites, so they cannot connect to servers which don't use a certificate
-carrying an RSA key or a version of OpenSSL with RSA disabled.
Although specifying an empty list of CAs when requesting a client certificate
is strictly speaking a protocol violation, some SSL clients interpret this to
mean any CA is acceptable. This is useful for debugging purposes.