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@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ B<openssl> B<s_client>
[B<-rand file(s)>]
[B<-serverinfo types>]
+[B<-alpn protocols>]
[B<-nextprotoneg protocols>]
@@ -277,9 +278,13 @@ file.
sends a certificate status request to the server (OCSP stapling). The server
response (if any) is printed out.
-=item B<-nextprotoneg protocols>
+=item B<-alpn protocols>, B<-nextprotoneg protocols>
-enable Next Protocol Negotiation TLS extension and provide a list of
+these flags enable the
+Enable the Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation or Next Protocol
+Negotiation extension, respectively. ALPN is the IETF standard and
+replaces NPN.
+The B<protocols> list is a
comma-separated protocol names that the client should advertise
support for. The list should contain most wanted protocols first.
Protocol names are printable ASCII strings, for example "http/1.1" or