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SSL_clear() resets the SSL object to allow for another connection. The
reset operation however keeps several settings of the last sessions
(some of these settings were made automatically during the last
-handshake). It only makes sense when opening a new session (or reusing
-an old one) with the same peer that shares these settings.
-SSL_clear() is not a short form for the sequence
-L<SSL_free(3)|SSL_free(3)>; L<SSL_new(3)|SSL_new(3)>; .
+handshake). It only makes sense for a new connection with the exact
+same peer that shares these settings, and may fail if that peer
+changes its settings between connections. Use the sequence
+instead to avoid such failures
+(or simply L<SSL_free(3)|SSL_free(3)>; L<SSL_new(3)|SSL_new(3)>
+if session reuse is not desired).