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@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@ EC_KEY_get0_engine,
EC_KEY_get0_group, EC_KEY_set_group, EC_KEY_get0_private_key,
EC_KEY_set_private_key, EC_KEY_get0_public_key, EC_KEY_set_public_key,
-EC_KEY_set_conv_form, EC_KEY_set_asn1_flag, EC_KEY_precompute_mult,
+EC_KEY_set_conv_form, EC_KEY_set_asn1_flag,
+EC_KEY_decoded_from_explicit_params, EC_KEY_precompute_mult,
EC_KEY_generate_key, EC_KEY_check_key, EC_KEY_set_public_key_affine_coordinates,
EC_KEY_oct2key, EC_KEY_key2buf, EC_KEY_oct2priv, EC_KEY_priv2oct,
EC_KEY_priv2buf - Functions for creating, destroying and manipulating
@@ -38,6 +39,7 @@ EC_KEY objects
point_conversion_form_t EC_KEY_get_conv_form(const EC_KEY *key);
void EC_KEY_set_conv_form(EC_KEY *eckey, point_conversion_form_t cform);
void EC_KEY_set_asn1_flag(EC_KEY *eckey, int asn1_flag);
+ int EC_KEY_decoded_from_explicit_params(const EC_KEY *key);
int EC_KEY_precompute_mult(EC_KEY *key, BN_CTX *ctx);
int EC_KEY_generate_key(EC_KEY *key);
int EC_KEY_check_key(const EC_KEY *key);
@@ -118,11 +120,15 @@ EC_KEY_set_asn1_flag() sets the asn1_flag on the underlying EC_GROUP object
(if set). Refer to L<EC_GROUP_copy(3)> for further information on the
+EC_KEY_decoded_from_explicit_params() returns 1 if the group of the I<key> was
+decoded from data with explicitly encoded group parameters, -1 if the I<key>
+is NULL or the group parameters are missing, and 0 otherwise.
EC_KEY_precompute_mult() stores multiples of the underlying EC_GROUP generator
for faster point multiplication. See also L<EC_POINT_add(3)>.
EC_KEY_oct2key() and EC_KEY_key2buf() are identical to the functions
-EC_POINT_oct2point() and EC_KEY_point2buf() except they use the public key
+EC_POINT_oct2point() and EC_POINT_point2buf() except they use the public key
EC_POINT in B<eckey>.
EC_KEY_oct2priv() and EC_KEY_priv2oct() convert between the private key
@@ -178,7 +184,7 @@ L<d2i_ECPKParameters(3)>
-Copyright 2013-2017 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
+Copyright 2013-2020 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
Licensed under the OpenSSL license (the "License"). You may not use
this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy