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@@ -177,14 +177,14 @@ is that a web client complains it has no certificates or gives an empty
list to choose from. This is normally because the server is not sending
the clients certificate authority in its "acceptable CA list" when it
requests a certificate. By using L<s_client(1)> the CA list can be
-viewed and checked. However some servers only request client authentication
+viewed and checked. However, some servers only request client authentication
after a specific URL is requested. To obtain the list in this case it
is necessary to use the B<-prexit> option of L<s_client(1)> and
send an HTTP request for an appropriate page.
If a certificate is specified on the command line using the B<-cert>
option it will not be used unless the server specifically requests
-a client certificate. Therefor merely including a client certificate
+a client certificate. Therefore, merely including a client certificate
on the command line is no guarantee that the certificate works.
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