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@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ bn_mul_add_words:
// This loop spins in 3*(n+10) ticks on Itanium and in 2*(n+10) on
// Itanium 2. Yes, unlike previous versions it scales:-) Previous
-// version was peforming *all* additions in IALU and was starving
+// version was performing *all* additions in IALU and was starving
// for those even on Itanium 2. In this version one addition is
// moved to FPU and is folded with multiplication. This is at cost
// of propogating the result from previous call to this subroutine
@@ -568,7 +568,7 @@ bn_sqr_comba8:
// I've estimated this routine to run in ~120 ticks, but in reality
// (i.e. according to ar.itc) it takes ~160 ticks. Are those extra
// cycles consumed for instructions fetch? Or did I misinterpret some
-// clause in Itanium -architecture manual? Comments are welcomed and
+// clause in Itanium µ-architecture manual? Comments are welcomed and
// highly appreciated.
// On Itanium 2 it takes ~190 ticks. This is because of stalls on