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'\" See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
'\" of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
-'\" SCCS: @(#) resource.n 1.3 97/07/25 10:24:23
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.so man.macros
.TH resource n 8.0 Tcl "Tcl Built-In Commands"
@@ -32,6 +32,40 @@ Closes the given resource reference (obtained from \fBresource
open\fR). Resources from that resource file will no longer be
+\fBresource delete\fR ?\fIoptions\fR? \fIresourceType\fR
+This command will delete the resource specified by \fIoptions\fR and
+type \fIresourceType\fR (see RESOURCE TYPES below). The options
+give you several ways to specify the resource to be deleted.
+\fB\-id\fR \fIresourceId\fR
+If the \fB-id\fR option is given the id \fIresourceId\fR (see RESOURCE
+IDS below) is used to specify the resource to be deleted. The id must
+be a number - to specify a name use the \fB\-name\fR option.
+\fB\-name\fR \fIresourceName\fR
+If \fB-name\fR is specified, the resource named
+\fIresourceName\fR will be deleted. If the \fB-id\fR is also
+provided, then there must be a resource with BOTH this name and
+this id. If no name is provided, then the id will be used regardless
+of the name of the actual resource.
+\fB\-file\fR \fIresourceRef\fR
+If the \fB-file\fR option is specified then the resource will be
+deleted from the file pointed to by \fIresourceRef\fR. Otherwise the
+first resource with the given \fIresourceName\fR and or
+\fIresourceId\fR which is found on the resource file path will be
+deleted. To inspect the file path, use the \fIresource files\fB command.
+\fBresource files ?\fIresourceRef\fR?
+If \fIresourceRef\fRis not provided, this command returns a Tcl list
+of the resource references for all the currently open resource files.
+The list is in the normal Macintosh search order for resources. If
+\fIresourceRef\fR is specified, the command will
+return the path to the file whose resource fork is represented by that
\fBresource list \fIresourceType\fR ?\fIresourceRef\fR?
List all of the resources ids of type \fIresourceType\fR (see RESOURCE
TYPES below). If \fIresourceRef\fR is specified then the command will
@@ -88,6 +122,11 @@ name.
If the \fB-file\fR option is specified then the resource will be
written in the file pointed to by \fIresourceRef\fR, otherwise the
most resently open resource will be used.
+If the target resource already exists, then by default Tcl will not
+overwrite it, but raise an error instead. Use the -force flag to
+force overwriting the extant resource.