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'\" See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
'\" of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
-'\" SCCS: @(#) binary.n 1.5 97/06/10 17:52:46
+'\" SCCS: @(#) binary.n 1.7 97/11/11 19:08:47
.so man.macros
.TH binary n 8.0 Tcl "Tcl Built-In Commands"
@@ -206,8 +206,8 @@ representation in the output string. This representation is not
portable across architectures, so it should not be used to communicate
floating point numbers across the network. The size of a floating
point number may vary across architectures, so the number of bytes
-that are generated may vary. If the value is out of range for the
-machine's native representation, then the value of FLT_MIN or FLT_MAX
+that are generated may vary. If the value overflows the
+machine's native representation, then the value of FLT_MAX
as defined by the system will be used instead. Because Tcl uses
double-precision floating-point numbers internally, there may be some
loss of precision in the conversion to single-precision. For example,