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+OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 12
+- Correct bug in auditreduce which prevented the -c option from working
+ correctly when the user specifies to process successful or failed events.
+ The problem stemmed from not having access to the return token at the time
+ the initial preselection occurred, but now a second preselection process
+ occurs while processing the return token.
+- getacfilesz(3) API added to read new audit_control(5) filesz setting,
+ which auditd(8) now sets the kernel audit trail rotation size to.
+- auditreduce(1) now uses stdin if no file names are specified on the command
+ line; this was the documented behavior previously, but it was not
+ implemented. Be more specific in auditreduce(1)'s examples section about
+ what might be done with the output of auditreduce.
+- Add audit_warn(5) closefile event so that administrators can hook
+ termination of an audit trail file. For example, this might be used to
+ compress the trail file after it is closed.
+- auditreduce(1) now uses regular expressions for pathname matching. Users can
+ now supply one or more (comma delimited) regular expressions for searching
+ the pathnames. If one of the regular expressions is prefixed with a tilde
+ (~), and a path matches, it will be excluded from the search results.
OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 11
- Reclassify certain read/write operations as having no class rather than the
@@ -243,4 +264,4 @@ OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 1
to support reloading of kernel event table.
- Allow comments in /etc/security configuration files.
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