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+OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 9
+- Rename many OpenBSM-specific constants and API elements containing the
+ strings "BSM" and "bsm" to "AUDIT" and "audit", observing that this is true
+ for almost all existing constants and APIs.
+- Instead of passing a per-instance cookie directly into all audit filter
+ APIs, pass in the audit filter daemon state pointer, which is then used by
+ the module using an audit_filter_{get,set}cookie() API. This will allow
+ future service APIs provided by the filter daemon to maintain their own
+ state -- for example, per-module preselection state.
+OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 8
+- Correct typo in definition of AUR_INT.
+- Adopt OpenSolaris constant values for AUDIT_* configuration flags.
+- Arguments to au_to_exec_args() and au_to_exec_env() no longer const.
+- Add kernel versions of au_to_exec_args() and au_to_exec_env().
+- Fix exec argument type that is printed for env strings from 'arg' to 'env'.
+- New OpenBSM token version number assigned, constants added for other
+ commonly seen version numbers.
+- OpenBSM-specific events assigned numbers in the 43xxx range to avoid future
+ collisions with Solaris. Darwin events renamed to AUE_DARWIN_foo, as they
+ are now deprecated numberings.
+- autoconf now detects clock_gettime(), which is not available on Darwin.
+- praudit output fixes relating to arg32 and arg64 tokens.
+- Maximum record size updated to 64k-1 to match Solaris record size limit.
+- Various style and comment cleanups in include files.
OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 7
- Adopted Solaris-compatible format for subject32_ex and subject64_ex
@@ -175,4 +203,4 @@ OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 1
to support reloading of kernel event table.
- Allow comments in /etc/security configuration files.
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