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This file lists all bug fixes, changes, etc., made since the AWK book
was sent to the printers in August, 1987.
+May 1, 2007:
+ fiddle in makefile to fix for BSD make; thanks to igor sobrado.
+Mar 31, 2007:
+ fixed some null pointer refs calling adjbuf.
+Feb 21, 2007:
+ fixed a bug in matching the null RE in sub and gsub. thanks to al aho
+ who actually did the fix (in b.c), and to wolfgang seeberg for finding
+ it and providing a very compact test case.
+ fixed quotation in b.c; thanks to Hal Pratt and the Princeton Dante
+ Project.
+ removed some no-effect asserts in run.c.
+ fiddled maketab.c to not complain about bison-generated values.
+ removed the obsolete -V argument; fixed --version to print the
+ version and exit.
+ fixed wording and an outright error in the usage message; thanks to igor
+ sobrado and jason mcintyre.
+ fixed a bug in -d that caused core dump if no program followed.
+Jan 1, 2007:
+ dropped mac.code from makefile; there are few non-MacOSX
+ mac's these days.
+Jan 17, 2006:
+ system() not flagged as unsafe in the unadvertised -safe option.
+ found it while enhancing tests before shipping the ;login: article.
+ practice what you preach.
+ removed the 9-years-obsolete -mr and -mf flags.
+ added -version and --version options.
+ core dump on linux with BEGIN {nextfile}, now fixed.
+ removed some #ifdef's in run.c and lex.c that appear to no
+ longer be necessary.
Apr 24, 2005:
modified lib.c so that values of $0 et al are preserved in the END
block, apparently as required by posix. thanks to havard eidnes