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This file lists all bug fixes, changes, etc., made since the AWK book
was sent to the printers in August, 1987.
+Jul 29, 2003:
+ fixed (i think) the long-standing botch that included the beginning of
+ line state ^ for RE's in the set of valid characters; this led to a
+ variety of odd problems, including failure to properly match certain
+ regular expressions in non-US locales. thanks to ruslan for keeping
+ at this one.
+Jul 28, 2003:
+ n-th try at getting internationalization right, with thanks to volker
+ kiefel, arnold robbins and ruslan ermilov for advice, though they
+ should not be blamed for the outcome. according to posix, "." is the
+ radix character in programs and command line arguments regardless of
+ the locale; otherwise, the locale should prevail for input and output
+ of numbers. so it's intended to work that way.
+ i have rescinded the attempt to use strcoll in expanding shorthands in
+ regular expressions (cclenter). its properties are much too
+ surprising; for example [a-c] matches aAbBc in locale en_US but abBcC
+ in locale fr_CA. i can see how this might arise by implementation
+ but i cannot explain it to a human user. (this behavior can be seen
+ in gawk as well; we're leaning on the same library.)
+ the issue appears to be that strcoll is meant for sorting, where
+ merging upper and lower case may make sense (though note that unix
+ sort does not do this by default either). it is not appropriate
+ for regular expressions, where the goal is to match specific
+ patterns of characters. in any case, the notations [:lower:], etc.,
+ are available in awk, and they are more likely to work correctly in
+ most locales.
+ a moratorium is hereby declared on internationalization changes.
+ i apologize to friends and colleagues in other parts of the world.
+ i would truly like to get this "right", but i don't know what
+ that is, and i do not want to keep making changes until it's clear.
+Jul 4, 2003:
+ fixed bug that permitted non-terminated RE, as in "awk /x".
+Jun 1, 2003:
+ subtle change to split: if source is empty, number of elems
+ is always 0 and the array is not set.
+Mar 21, 2003:
+ added some parens to isblank, in another attempt to make things
+ internationally portable.
Mar 14, 2003:
the internationalization changes, somewhat modified, are now
reinstated. in theory awk will now do character comparisons