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+While teaching a data structures course at University of California,
+Irvine, I developed a program called GPERF that generates perfect hash
+functions for sets of key words. A perfect hash function is simply:
+ A hash function and a data structure that allows
+ recognition of a key word in a set of words using
+ exactly 1 probe into the data structure.
+The gperf.texinfo file explains how the program works, the form of the
+input, what options are available, and hints on choosing the best
+options for particular key word sets. The texinfo file is readable
+both via the GNU emacs `info' command, and is also suitable for
+typesetting with TeX. The texinfo.tex macros needed to run
+gperf.texinfo through TeX are available in the GNU GCC release. If
+you don't have access to these please email me and I'll send them to
+you (about 75k).
+The enclosed Makefile creates the executable program ``gperf'' and
+also runs some tests.
+Output from the GPERF program is used to recognize reserved words in
+the GNU C, GNU C++, and GNU Pascal compilers, as well as with the GNU
+indent program.
+Happy hacking!
+Douglas C. Schmidt