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+# fixit.conf - put in anything we think we might want on a fixit floppy
+# first, we list the source dirs that our programs reside in. These are
+# searched in order listed to find the dir containing each program.
+srcdirs /usr/src/bin /usr/src/sbin /usr/src/usr.bin /usr/src/usr.sbin
+srcdirs /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin
+# second, we list all the programs we want to include in our crunched binary.
+# The order doesn't matter. Any program that needs hard links to it gets an
+# `ln' directive.
+# /bin stuff
+progs cat chmod cp date dd df echo ed expr hostname kill ln ls mkdir
+progs mt mv pwd rcp rm rmdir sh sleep stty sync test
+ln test [
+ln sh -sh # init invokes the shell this way
+# /sbin stuff
+progs badsect chown clri disklabel dump dmesg fdisk fsck halt ifconfig init
+progs mknod mount newfs ping reboot restore swapon umount
+ln dump rdump
+ln restore rrestore
+# /usr/bin stuff
+progs ftp rsh sed telnet rlogin vi
+# gnu stuff
+progs cpio gzip
+ln gzip gunzip
+ln gzip gzcat
+# finally, we specify the libraries to link in with our binary
+libs -lcrypt -ltelnet -lutil -ll
+libs -lcurses -ltermcap