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+restore djgpp, eventually
+merge TODO lists
+add unit tests for lib/*.c
+strip: add an option to specify the program used to strip binaries.
+ suggestion from Karl Berry
+ Address this comment: FIXME: mv's behavior in this case is system-dependent
+ Better still: fix the code so it's *not* system-dependent.
+implement --target-directory=DIR for install (per texinfo documentation)
+ls: add --format=FORMAT option that controls how each line is printed.
+cp --no-preserve=X should not attempt to preserve attribute X
+ reported by Andreas Schwab
+copy.c: Address the FIXME-maybe comment in copy_internal.
+And once that's done, add an exclusion so that `cp --link'
+no longer incurs the overhead of saving src. dev/ino and dest. filename
+in the hash table.
+See if we can be consistent about where --verbose sends its output:
+ These all send --verbose output to stdout:
+ head, tail, rm, cp, mv, ln, chmod, chown, chgrp, install, ln
+ These send it to stderr:
+ shred mkdir split
+ readlink is different
+Write an autoconf test to work around build failure in HPUX's 64-bit mode.
+See notes in README -- and remove them once there's a work-around.
+Integrate use of sendfile, suggested here:
+ http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-fileutils/2003-03/msg00030.html
+I don't plan to do that, since a few tests demonstrate no significant benefit.
+Should printf '\0123' print "\n3"?
+ per report from TAKAI Kousuke on Mar 27
+ http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-coreutils/2003-03/index.html
+printf: consider adapting builtins/printf.def from bash
+df: add `--total' option, suggested here http://bugs.debian.org/186007
+seq: give better diagnostics for invalid formats:
+ e.g. no or too many % directives
+seq: consider allowing format string to contain no %-directives
+m4: rename all macros that start with AC_ to start with another prefix
+resolve RH report on cp -a forwarded by Tim Waugh
+Martin Michlmayr's patch to provide ls with `--sort directory' option
+tail: don't use xlseek; it *exits*.
+ Instead, maybe use a macro and return nonzero.
+add mktemp? Suggested by Nelson Beebe
+df: alignment problem of `Used' heading with e.g., -mP
+ reported by Karl Berry
+tr: support nontrivial equivalence classes, e.g. [=e=] with LC_COLLATE=fr_FR
+fix tail -f to work with named pipes; reported by Ian D. Allen
+ $ mkfifo j; tail -f j & sleep 1; echo x > j
+ ./tail: j: file truncated
+ ./tail: j: cannot seek to offset 0: Illegal seek
+lib/strftime.c: Since %N is the only format that we need but that
+ glibc's strftime doesn't support, consider using a wrapper that
+ would expand /%(-_)?\d*N/ to the desired string and then pass the
+ resulting string to glibc's strftime.
+sort: Compress temporary files when doing large external sort/merges.
+ This improves performance when you can compress/uncompress faster than
+ you can read/write, which is common in these days of fast CPUs.
+ suggestion from Charles Randall on 2001-08-10
+sort: Add an ordering option -R that causes 'sort' to sort according
+ to a random permutation of the correct sort order. Also, add an
+ option --random-seed=SEED that causes 'sort' to use an arbitrary
+ string SEED to select which permutations to use, in a deterministic
+ manner: that is, if you sort a permutation of the same input file
+ with the same --random-seed=SEED option twice, you'll get the same
+ output. The default SEED is chosen at random, and contains enough
+ information to ensure that the output permutation is random.
+ suggestion from Feth AREZKI, Stephan Kasal, and Paul Eggert on 2003-07-17
+unexpand: [http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/xcu/unexpand.html]
+ printf 'x\t \t y\n'|unexpand -t 8,9 should print its input, unmodified.
+ printf 'x\t \t y\n'|unexpand -t 5,8 should print "x\ty\n"
+Let GNU su use the `wheel' group if appropriate.
+ (there are a couple patches, already)
+sort: Investigate better sorting algorithms; see Knuth vol. 3.
+ We tried list merge sort, but it was about 50% slower than the
+ recursive algorithm currently used by sortlines, and it used more
+ comparisons. We're not sure why this was, as the theory suggests it
+ should do fewer comparisons, so perhaps this should be revisited.
+ List merge sort was implemented in the style of Knuth algorithm
+ 5.2.4L, with the optimization suggested by exercise 5.2.4-22. The
+ test case was 140,213,394 bytes, 426,4424 lines, text taken from the
+ GCC 3.3 distribution, sort.c compiled with GCC 2.95.4 and running on
+ Debian 3.0r1 GNU/Linux, 2.4GHz Pentium 4, single pass with no
+ temporary files and plenty of RAM.
+ Since comparisons seem to be the bottleneck, perhaps the best
+ algorithm to try next should be merge insertion. See Knuth section
+ 5.3.1, who credits Lester Ford, Jr. and Selmer Johnson, American
+ Mathematical Monthly 66 (1959), 387-389.
+cp --recursive: perform dir traversals in source and dest hierarchy rather
+ than forming full file names. The latter (current) approach fails
+ unnecessarily when the names become very long.
+tail --p is now ambiguous
+Remove suspicious uses of alloca (ones that may allocate more than
+ about 4k)
+Adapt these contribution guidelines for coreutils:
+ http://sources.redhat.com/automake/contribute.html
+Changes expected to go in, post-5.2.1:
+ wc: add an option, --files0-from [as for du] to make it read NUL-delimited
+ file name arguments from a file.
+ dd patch from Olivier Delhomme
+ Apply Andreas Gruenbacher's ACL and xattr changes
+ Apply Bruno Haible's hostname changes
+ test/mv/*: clean up $other_partition_tmpdir in all cases
+ ls: when both -l and --dereference-command-line-symlink-to-dir are
+ specified, consider whether to let the latter select whether to
+ dereference command line symlinks to directories. Since -l has
+ an implicit --NO-dereference-command-line-symlink-to-dir meaning.
+ Pointed out by Karl Berry.
+ A more efficient version of factor, and possibly one that
+ accepts inputs of size 2^64 and larger.
+ Re-add a separate test for du's stack space usage (like the one removed
+ from tests/rm/deep-1).
+ dd: consider adding an option to suppress `bytes/block read/written'
+ output to stderr. Suggested here:
+ http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=165045
+ Pending copyright papers:
+ ------------------------
+ ls --color: Ed Avis' patch to suppress escape sequences for
+ non-highlighted files
+ getpwnam from Bruce Korb
+ pb (progress bar) from Miika Pekkarinen
+ Look into improving the performance of md5sum.
+ `openssl md5' is consistently about 30% faster than md5sum on an idle
+ AMD 2000-XP system with plenty of RAM and a 261 MB input file.
+ openssl's md5 implementation is in assembly, generated by a perl script.