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- -----------------------------------------
- FreeBSD 2.0 --- ALPHA Release , ,
- ----------------------------------------- /( )`
- \ \___ / |
-Welcome to the ALPHA release of FreeBSD 2.0 - the /- _ `-/ '
-first public snapshot of our new 4.4BSD Lite based (/\/ \ \ /\
-operating system environment. This install proce- / / | ` \
-dure is also at the ALPHA stage, and contains only O O ) / |
-the minimum functionality required by an `-^--'`< '
-*EXPERIENCED* person to install the system. (_.) _ ) /
-It is our hope, of course, that the feedback `.___/` /
-provided from this snapshot will `-----' /
-greatly assist us in making the release <----. __ / __ \
-of 2.0 much more user friendly. Your <----|====O)))==) \) /====
-comments and criticisms are very <----' `--' `.__,' \
-valuable to us, so please don't hesitate | |
-in contacting us! Full details on where and \ / /\
-how to provide feedback are given below. ______( (_ / \______/
- ,' ,-----' |
-This install procedure is ALPHA code, and `--{__________)
-may very possibly *DESTROY* the contents of your
-ENTIRE DISK! Please do not proceed with this installation
-unless you've adequately backed up your data first!
-If any errors occur during this installation, you can see them
-by toggling over to the alternate screen - type ALT-F2 to switch
-over, ALT-F1 to switch back to the install screen. The debugging
-output on the second screen may be very valuable to us in understanding
-your bug report, so please be sure to take note of it when reporting
-any failures in the installation! Thanks!
-Menus and scrolling output windows may be traversed with the arrow
-and Page Up/Page Down keys. To suspend the installation at any point,
-hit ESC twice. Hitting TAB will move the focus to different controls.
-If you've ever dealt with a DOS installation, you'll know how to deal
-with this.
-For a more complete description of what's new in this release, please
-see the release notes.
-For more documentation on this system, it is recommended that you purchase
-the 4.4BSD Document Set from O'Reilly Associates and the USENIX Association.
-ISBN 1-56592-082-1 We have no connection with O'Reilly, we're just
-satisfied customers!
-Have fun, and please let us know of any problems you encounter with
-this release!
-Comments should be sent to:
- hackers@FreeBSD.org
-Bug reports should be sent using the `send-pr' utility, if you
-were able to get the system installed, otherwise to:
- bugs@FreeBSD.org
-And general questions to:
- questions@FreeBSD.org
-Please have patience if your questions are not answered right away -
-this is an especially busy time for us, and our volunteer resources
-are often strained to the limit (if not somewhat past!).
- The FreeBSD Project