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+This package contains:
+ * the SQLite library amalgamation (single file) source code distribution,
+ * the shell.c file used to build the sqlite3 shell too, and
+ * the sqlite3.h and sqlite3ext.h header files required to link programs
+ and sqlite extensions against the installed libary.
+ * autoconf/automake installation infrastucture.
+The generic installation instructions for autoconf/automake are found
+in the INSTALL file.
+The following SQLite specific boolean options are supported:
+ --enable-readline use readline in shell tool [default=yes]
+ --enable-threadsafe build a thread-safe library [default=yes]
+ --enable-dynamic-extensions support loadable extensions [default=yes]
+The default value for the CFLAGS variable (options passed to the C
+compiler) includes debugging symbols in the build, resulting in larger
+binaries than are necessary. Override it on the configure command
+line like this:
+ $ CFLAGS="-Os" ./configure
+to produce a smaller installation footprint.
+Other SQLite compilation parameters can also be set using CFLAGS. For