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1 files changed, 8 insertions, 18 deletions
diff --git a/Makefile.org b/Makefile.org
index c92806f9201f..cf82487f43ae 100644
--- a/Makefile.org
+++ b/Makefile.org
@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ WTARFILE= $(NAME)-win.tar
EXHEADER= e_os2.h
HEADER= e_os.h
-all: Makefile build_all openssl.pc libssl.pc libcrypto.pc
+all: Makefile build_all
# as we stick to -e, CLEARENV ensures that local variables in lower
# Makefiles remain local and variable. $${VAR+VAR} is tribute to Korn
@@ -270,7 +270,10 @@ reflect:
sub_all: build_all
build_all: build_libs build_apps build_tests build_tools
-build_libs: build_crypto build_ssl build_engines
+build_libs: build_libcrypto build_libssl openssl.pc
+build_libcrypto: build_crypto build_engines libcrypto.pc
+build_libssl: build_ssl libssl.pc
@dir=crypto; target=all; $(BUILD_ONE_CMD)
@@ -459,6 +462,9 @@ tests: rehash
@$(PERL) util/selftest.pl
+update: errors stacks util/libeay.num util/ssleay.num TABLE
+ @set -e; target=update; $(RECURSIVE_BUILD_CMD)
@set -e; target=depend; $(RECURSIVE_BUILD_CMD)
@@ -483,26 +489,10 @@ util/libeay.num::
$(PERL) util/mkdef.pl ssl update
-crypto/objects/obj_dat.h: crypto/objects/obj_dat.pl crypto/objects/obj_mac.h
- $(PERL) crypto/objects/obj_dat.pl crypto/objects/obj_mac.h crypto/objects/obj_dat.h
-crypto/objects/obj_mac.h: crypto/objects/objects.pl crypto/objects/objects.txt crypto/objects/obj_mac.num
- $(PERL) crypto/objects/objects.pl crypto/objects/objects.txt crypto/objects/obj_mac.num crypto/objects/obj_mac.h
-crypto/objects/obj_xref.h: crypto/objects/objxref.pl crypto/objects/obj_xref.txt crypto/objects/obj_mac.num
- $(PERL) crypto/objects/objxref.pl crypto/objects/obj_mac.num crypto/objects/obj_xref.txt >crypto/objects/obj_xref.h
-apps/openssl-vms.cnf: apps/openssl.cnf
- $(PERL) VMS/VMSify-conf.pl < apps/openssl.cnf > apps/openssl-vms.cnf
-crypto/bn/bn_prime.h: crypto/bn/bn_prime.pl
- $(PERL) crypto/bn/bn_prime.pl >crypto/bn/bn_prime.h
TABLE: Configure
(echo 'Output of `Configure TABLE'"':"; \
$(PERL) Configure TABLE) > TABLE
-update: errors stacks util/libeay.num util/ssleay.num crypto/objects/obj_dat.h crypto/objects/obj_xref.h apps/openssl-vms.cnf crypto/bn/bn_prime.h TABLE depend
# Build distribution tar-file. As the list of files returned by "find" is
# pretty long, on several platforms a "too many arguments" error or similar
# would occur. Therefore the list of files is temporarily stored into a file