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+# Makefile
+# This makefile was generated by configure from a Makefile.in definition.
+INC=boolean.h color.h commands.h config.h display.h globalstate.h hash.h \
+ loadavg.h machine.h message.h os.h screen.h sigdesc.h top.h username.h \
+ utils.h version.h
+SRC=color.c commands.c display.c hash.c screen.c top.c username.c utils.c version.c @SRC@
+OBJ=color.o commands.o display.o hash.o screen.o top.o username.o utils.o version.o @OBJ@
+DEFAULT_INCLUDES = -I. -I$(srcdir)
+BINARY = $@
+ $(LINK) $(OBJ) $(LIBS)
+# explicit dependency for the module appropriate to this machine
+m_@MODULE@.o: $(srcdir)/machine/m_@MODULE@.c
+ $(COMPILE) $(MODULE_CFLAGS) -o $@ -c $(srcdir)/machine/m_@MODULE@.c
+sigdesc.h: $(srcdir)/sigconv.awk $(SIGNAL)
+ $(AWK) -f $(srcdir)/sigconv.awk $(SIGNAL) >sigdesc.h
+install-man: $(MANPAGE)
+ mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man1
+ $(MANPAGE) $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man1/$(MANPAGE)
+distclean: clean
+ -rm -f Makefile config.status config.cache config.log config.h
+configure: configure.ac
+ autoheader
+ autoconf
+# Include file dependencies
+color.o: os.h config.h message.h color.h
+commands.o: os.h config.h sigdesc.h top.h machine.h globalstate.h \
+ boolean.h commands.h display.h utils.h version.h
+display.o: os.h config.h top.h machine.h screen.h layout.h display.h \
+ boolean.h utils.h color.h
+screen.o: os.h config.h top.h screen.h boolean.h
+top.o: os.h config.h top.h machine.h globalstate.h commands.h display.h \
+ screen.h boolean.h username.h utils.h version.h color.h
+username.o: os.h config.h top.h utils.h hash.h
+utils.o: os.h config.h top.h utils.h
+version.o: config.h top.h
+m_@MODULE@.o: top.h machine.h utils.h loadavg.h