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+Title: am-utils
+Version: 6.0.1
+Entered-date: 08SEP99
+Description: BSD Automounter Utilities
+ Replaces the old amd-upl102. Offers NFS V3 support, many
+ new features, and numerous ports. The home page for
+ am-utils is in http://www.am-utils.org
+Keywords: amd amq hlfsd fsinfo wire-test fixmount mk-amd-map automount
+Author: ezk AT cs.columbia.edu (Erez Zadok)
+Maintained-by: ezk AT cs.columbia.edu (Erez Zadok)
+Primary-site: shekel.mcl.cs.columbia.edu /pub/am-utils
+ 1.3MB am-utils-6.0.1.tar.gz
+ 1.3MB am-utils.tar.gz
+ 1.3MB am-utils-snapshot.tar.gz
+Alternate-site: http://www.am-utils.org/mirrors.html
+Original-site: ftp.cs.columbia.edu /pub/amd
+Platforms: all modern Unix systems
+Copying-policy: BSD