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@@ -674,4 +674,22 @@ The fdtdump program prints a readable version of a flat device tree file.
The syntax of the fdtdump command line is:
- fdtdump <DTB-file-name>
+ fdtdump [options] <DTB-file-name>
+Where options are:
+ -d,--debug Dump debug information while decoding the file
+ -s,--scan Scan for an embedded fdt in given file
+3) fdtoverlay -- Flat Device Tree overlay applicator
+The fdtoverlay applies an arbitrary number of FDT overlays to a base FDT blob
+to a given output file.
+The syntax of the fdtoverlay command line is:
+ fdtoverlay -i <base-blob> -o <output-blob> <overlay-blob0> [<overlay-blob1> ...]
+Where options are:
+ -i, --input Input base DT blob
+ -o, --output Output DT blob
+ -v, --verbose Verbose message output