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+Tue May 6 2008 - wnl (3.8beta1)
+ Main code: fixed bugs in screen_cleareol and in display code. Fixed
+ bug in i_swap when all data is 0. Added ^W patch (from thaquis).
+ Fixed bug in xdprintf. Added command line options for the "t" and
+ "m" commands.
+ SunOS 5 changes: Support for showing individual threads. Redid
+ allocation of prpsinfo structures. Added a pidthr hash that uses
+ both pid and thread id for a key. Changed format_process_header
+ and format_next_process to use a table-driven method for generating
+ the columns. Status files from /proc (psinfo and lpsinfo) are now
+ cached to avoid repeatedly reopening them. Column showing number of
+ LWPs is now called "NLWP" and column showing lwpid is "LWP".
+ FreeBSD changes: Runtime check to ensure binary is running on
+ the same machine type it was compiled for. Lots of cleanup and
+ changed nearly everything to use sysctl rather than kvm, and
+ inability to open kvm is no longer fatal. Improved thread reporting:
+ disabled for 7.x and lower. Added lwpid hash for proper tracking
+ of threads. Changed format_process_header and format_next_process
+ to use a table-driven method for generating the columns.
+ Dec Alpha: configure uses compile-time options to properly trap
+ and handle exceptions from the Alpha FPU (from Brian Maly).
+Tue Feb 26 2008 - wnl (3.7)
+ Prepare for version 3.7 release.
+Fri Feb 1 2008 - wnl (3.7beta4)
+ Using the $ notation in printf formats for freebsd apparently was
+ causing problems on 64-bit systems. All such usage has been
+ removed and the process line is formatted piecemeal.
+Thu Dec 27 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ Improved function comments in display.c for message_error functions.
+ Changed some of the error messages in top.c to be more succint.
+Fri Dec 7 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ Changes to freebsd port: moved some functions up front to
+ eliminate forward references. Use sysctl to get all vm stats
+ information, as some of this isn't updated in the struct
+ vmmeter under FreeBSD 7.0. Added routines to support large-scale
+ sysctl access.
+Wed Nov 28 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ Changes to documentation: FAQ, README, man page.
+Tue Nov 27 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ For freebsd, added page faults, pageins, pageouts, and pages
+ freed to the kernel display line. These numbers reflect the
+ values presented in vmstat. For sunos5, added page faults,
+ pageins and pageouts to the kernel display line.
+Fri Nov 2 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ Added copyright notices to the top of every source and include file.
+ Added copyright information to the man page.
+ Removed a few outdated things from the manifest.
+ Minor changes to sigconv.awk.
+Sat Oct 27 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ Added check for sys_signame at configure time and if it is
+ present then it is used in commands.c to translate signal names
+ in to numbers.
+ Added alternate snprintf and vsnprintf functions from apache (in
+ ap_snprintf.c). Added configure magic to define and compile them in
+ where needed. Added check to configure for variadic macros.
+ Preprocessor defintion of dprintf (in utils.h) now depends on
+ support for variadic macros. Cleaned up m_linux code.
+Wed Oct 3 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ Lots of changes, thanks to Mark Wong. Most changes were to
+ clean the code up so that it would compile cleanly with -Wall
+ (all warnings). Changed function names in screen.c so that
+ they all start with "screen_". Isolated all interaction with
+ termcap to screen.c by adding a real function for cursor
+ addressing (in the past it was just a macro). Only screen.c
+ now needs to worry about defining templates for the termcap
+ functions. Added configure and preprocessor magic to ensure
+ that all the termcap functions used in the code are defined
+ with templates. Changed names of some other functions and
+ global variables to avoid name conflicts with functions in
+ curses and other well established libraries. Changed dprintf
+ macro to use variadic arguments so that the preprocessor can
+ gobble up the entire call when compiling without debugging
+ (this will have to be made more portable). All include files
+ are surrounded by #ifndef statements to accomodate multiple
+ inclusions. Platform module is now compiled with
+ -fno-strict-aliasing as some of the modules do type punning
+ that can confuse the optimizer.
+Wed Sep 26 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ For freebsd, priority is no longer normalized by PZERO. This
+ contradicts the behavior used by ps when it displays priority.
+ But normalizing by PZERO has become a bit of an anachronism
+ and it actually obscures the meaning of the priority without
+ adding any real value.
+Wed Sep 19 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
+ Many changes to improve the display of threads. Changed
+ process summary line to use the word "threads" when showing
+ individual threads. Added the system command to toggle the
+ display of system processes. Fixed bug in hash.c remove_pos.
+ For freebsd: count threads correctly when they are being
+ displayed, nice column is more closely in line with ps
+ (nothing fancy for real time processes), add two more process
+ states that didn't exist in older releases of freebsd (wait
+ and lock).
+ For linux: Threads done right. Now track individual threads
+ of multi-threaded processes separately so that we always know
+ their %cpu. Switch to format_process_header so that we can
+ change the column headings and remove the THR column when
+ displaying individual threads. Switched process (and thread)
+ tracking over to use generic hash table functions included
+ with the new version of top. Process states and total now
+ include threads when they are being shown. Added "SHR" column
+ to show the amount of shared memory per process. Improved
+ calculation of elapsed time and percent cpu to avoid
+ overflows. Remove weighted cpu calculations entirely as it is
+ an anachronism.
+ For Solaris: Moved check for libelf to accomodate older systems.
+Sun Sep 9 2007 - wnl (3.7beta2)
+ Documentation changes. Fixes to sunos5 port. Added display of
+ thread count and selection by command name to linux port. Removed
+ the use of inline functions from hash.c as that doesn't appear to
+ be very portable.
+Wed Sep 5 2007 - wnl (3.7beta1)
+ Fixed freebsd and linux configuration bugs. Added configuration
+ options for tweaking program defaults. Rewrote top level code
+ (top.c) from scratch, including command handling so that adding
+ new commands is much easier. Changed message-line handling to
+ ensure that the message is displayed for at least 5 seconds
+ regardless of the update frequency. Added a "miniupdate" that
+ occurs one second after the initial screen on systems that don't
+ already delay the first screen. The mini-update shows cpu state
+ percentages. Added ability to select output by command name on
+ some systems. Fixed color toggling via the "C" command. Added
+ long options via getopt_long to complement the existing single
+ character options. Added the freebsd "m" command to chose
+ alternate display modes. On freebsd this gives a process i/o
+ display. Added the freebsd "H" command to select the display of
+ individual threads. Added "-a" option ("all") to set number of
+ displays and number of processes to infinity (equivalent to
+ "-d all all"). Added dual architecture compilation for Solaris
+ to generate both a 32-bit and a 64-bit binary. This is on by
+ default when compiling on a 64-bit system and can be explicitly
+ set via "configure --enable-dualarch". Added uniform hashing
+ functions that use bucket hash for uint, pid, and string. Changed
+ username.c and the sunos and freebsd modules to use these functions.
+ Added the "kernel" information line to the display to show
+ statistics on what the kernel is doing (context switches, forks,
+ traps, etc.). This requires explicit support by the platform
+ module, currently only freebsd, linux, and sunos.
+Wed Apr 18 2007 - wnl (3.6.1)
+ Fixed a few bugs in sigconv.awk that were causing incorrect
+ results on FreeBSD. Changed configure.ac to fix a few linux
+ problems: signal include file and /proc/1/stat.
+Fri Apr 13 2007 - wnl (3.6.1)
+ Removed the use of VPATH for compiling the system module and used
+ an explicit dependency in the Makefile instead. VPATH is now set
+ to just srcdir to ensure that top will compile correctly when
+ configured from a different directory. On systems without VPATH
+ support, top will still configure and compile, but only
+ from within the source directory. This fixes bug 1699526.
+Fri Feb 2 2007 - wnl (3.6.1)
+ Revised the way that configure figures out owner, group, and mode.
+ For systems that don't use the kernel, it tries to match install
+ settings to allow access to stuff in /proc. More importantly, if
+ mode is 755 then neither owner nor group are set. This fixes bug
+ 1631136. Added patch from haanjdj@xs4all.nl to fix an occasional
+ core dump in m_decosf1.c. This checks return code from task_threads.
+ Made sure all get_system_info functions are declared void. Fixed
+ string termination bug. Cleaned up documetation for sunos5.
+Tue Aug 8 2006 - wnl (3.6.1)
+ For Solaris, changed the tag "swap" to "total swap" to clarify
+ what is beign displayed. Note that the calculations are still the
+ same: the display is just showing total rather than total - free.
+Thu Apr 27 2006 - wnl (3.6)
+ Added patches for linux-style sort shortcuts and for Unixware
+ support in configure (patch 1474427). Fixed sunos5 to do slow start
+ and to ensure cpucount is set (patch 1477386). Added pagination
+ routines to display.c and modified show_help to use it, since the
+ help screen is now longer than 24 lines. Applied patch for unixware
+ support that adds check for mas library (patch #1474423). Solaris
+ cpu percent now reflects a percentage of the entire server, rather
+ than a single cpu (bug 1478138).
+Mon Mar 27 2006 - wnl (3.6)
+ The production release of version 3.6. Fixed a minor scaling
+ bug in the decosf1 module. Support for MacOS X is officially
+ withdrawn although the macosx module is still part of the
+ distribution. Hopefully this is a temporary situation.
+ Documentation updated.
+Wed Feb 15 2006 - wnl (3.6beta5)
+ Minor changes to eliminate warnings from the Sun Studio compiler.
+ These were mostly sloppy argument declarations. I also added
+ message.h to provide an interface file for just the message
+ related functions of display.c.
+Mon Dec 26 2005 - wnl (3.6beta4)
+ Added new netbsd module, courtesy of Simon Burge.
+ Fixed a few bugs in SVR4 module and added its use to
+ configure.ac, thanks to Sanchet Dighe. Also ensured that the
+ novpath Makefile was in the distribution.
+ Fixed portability problem in display.c
+Mon Oct 24 2005 - wnl (3.6beta3)
+ Set up a color tagging mechanism in color.c to allow for the
+ dynamic creation of tag names to contol color highlighting.
+ These names are partially derived from the tags used to label
+ memory and swap information on the screen, thus are driven by
+ the machine module itself. Added -T option to list color
+ highlighting information. Help screen now includes the actual
+ list of sort order names. Incorporated some minor fixes to
+ the main code from the Freebsd source tree. Fixed bug #1324582.
+ Freebsd 5: removed WCPU column and added THR column. Display
+ for freebsd 4 and earlier unchanged since they don't track
+ threads in the kernel. Added LICENSE file to distribution.
+Wed Oct 12 2005 - wnl (3.6beta2)
+ Major overhaul to display.c. All lines of the display are
+ directly tracked and controlled via display_write and its
+ companion display_fmt. Added support for complete control
+ of ANSI color on the screen: this will be used in the future
+ to allow for full use of color everywhere on the screen.
+ Signal handling code now uses sigaction on all systems that
+ support it. Restored the freebsd module and did away with
+ freebsd4, and upgraded freebsd module to support 5.x.
+ Fix bug #1306099 (wio(wait) timer ignored on OSF1).
+Fri Sep 23 2005 - wnl (3.6beta1)
+ Fixed bugs #1266341 (compilation errors with gcc 4.x),
+ #1156464 (cpu% field for sunos), #1156243 (compilation
+ errors on AIX). Applied patches #1217855 (Solaris 10
+ xarch flag). Overhaul of sunos5 module, making code more
+ efficient and easier to follow. Got rid of need for MEMTYPE
+ type in utils.h. Changed all memory statistics data in the
+ module specification from an int to a long to better support
+ 64-bit systems with lots of memory. Moved all unused modules
+ out of the distribution (I will add them back in as needed).
+ Moved freebsd module to freebsd4 as it won't work with 5.x
+ (a new module will be necessary). Added support to configure
+ for makes that don't understand VPATH. Updated documentation:
+ man page, FAQ, README, INSTALL.
+Mon Jan 24 2005 - wnl (3.6alpha10)
+ Updated aix43 module with ANSI function declarations and fixed
+ declaration of get_system_info. Configure now uses irixsgi
+ module for irix6* systems. Updates to the following modules:
+ irixsgi, sunos5. Fixed null pointer bug in color.c. Removed
+ some useless code and definitions in display.c
+Sun Nov 28 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha9)
+ Replace AIX 5 module with alternate (bug 1056565).
+ Fixed vulnerability in use of snprintf.
+Fri Oct 22 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha8)
+ Support for linux 2.6, added more stuff to memory and swap lines.
+ Updated linuxthr module, which is only useful on 2.4 and earlier.
+ Added some color support back in (feature request 930588), but
+ still need to add it back to the per-process display. Added
+ OSF 5 support (untested).
+ Fixed bug 1017951 (invalid process count argument not caught)
+Tue Apr 20 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha7)
+ Added 64 bit support for AIX.
+Thu Apr 15 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha6)
+ Included fixes for decosf1 pid size and updated module. Also
+ added osf1 to list of recognized operating systems in configure.ac.
+Tue Mar 30 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha5)
+ Minor bug fixes and some code rearrangement. Changes to install
+ rule. Added several more platforms including: aix 4.2 thru 5,
+ MacOS 10, Dec OSF, HPUX 7 thru 11. Fixed the core dumping bug
+ in linux. Code cleanup, including sigdesc.h (by changing
+ sigconv.awk). Startup error messages are displayed on the
+ first screen rather than beforehand (no more pause). Cleaned
+ up interrupt handling to avoid a race condition. Eliminated
+ top.local.h. REMOVED Configure!!!
+Mon Mar 22 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha1)
+ Now using gnu autoconf. Eliminated the need for CFLAGS and LIBS
+ tags in the module source files. Autoconf tries to figure all
+ that out now. Machine module interface now uses flags to determine
+ if module supports sorting, selective display of idle processes,
+ viewing full commands. Added display of uptime for modules that
+ support it. Added display of full command lines for modules that
+ support it. 3.5 modules must be changed a bit to work for 3.6:
+ ORDER is no longer defined, and the module must fill in the
+ appropriate fields in struct statics to get the extra features.
+ Added a extenstion interface to allow for putting extra stuff
+ on the screen -- this is still half baked and not documented.
+Mon Feb 23 2004 - wnl (3.5)
+ Turned rc1 in to version 3.5. Only changes were to the FAQ.
+Mon Feb 2 2004 - wnl (3.5rc1)
+ Changed format_k (utils.c) to use MEMTYPE for its parameter.
+ On most systems this is a long, but if the module defines
+ USE_SIZE_T, this is set to be a size_t. The sunos5 module
+ now defines it, so that it will work correctly on 64-bit
+ machines. New "linuxthr" module for rolling up processes
+ that are really threads. Configure autodetects when running
+ on a 64-bit Solaris machine.
+Tue Dec 16 2003 - wnl (3.5beta13)
+ Improved linux module. For Solaris, changed "THR" column
+ heading to "LWP" since that's what they really are.
Thu Mar 30 2000 - wnl (3.5beta12)
Updated modules: m_aix41.c, m_aix43.c, m_mtxinu.c, m_sco5.c,
and m_ultrix4.c.