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+ Changes between 0.9.8l and 0.9.8m [25 Feb 2010]
+ *) Always check bn_wexpend() return values for failure. (CVE-2009-3245)
+ [Martin Olsson, Neel Mehta]
+ *) Fix X509_STORE locking: Every 'objs' access requires a lock (to
+ accommodate for stack sorting, always a write lock!).
+ [Bodo Moeller]
+ *) On some versions of WIN32 Heap32Next is very slow. This can cause
+ excessive delays in the RAND_poll(): over a minute. As a workaround
+ include a time check in the inner Heap32Next loop too.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) The code that handled flushing of data in SSL/TLS originally used the
+ BIO_CTRL_INFO ctrl to see if any data was pending first. This caused
+ the problem outlined in PR#1949. The fix suggested there however can
+ trigger problems with buggy BIO_CTRL_WPENDING (e.g. some versions
+ of Apache). So instead simplify the code to flush unconditionally.
+ This should be fine since flushing with no data to flush is a no op.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Handle TLS versions 2.0 and later properly and correctly use the
+ highest version of TLS/SSL supported. Although TLS >= 2.0 is some way
+ off ancient servers have a habit of sticking around for a while...
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Modify compression code so it frees up structures without using the
+ ex_data callbacks. This works around a problem where some applications
+ call CRYPTO_cleanup_all_ex_data() before application exit (e.g. when
+ restarting) then use compression (e.g. SSL with compression) later.
+ This results in significant per-connection memory leaks and
+ has caused some security issues including CVE-2008-1678 and
+ CVE-2009-4355.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Constify crypto/cast (i.e., <openssl/cast.h>): a CAST_KEY doesn't
+ change when encrypting or decrypting.
+ [Bodo Moeller]
+ *) Add option SSL_OP_LEGACY_SERVER_CONNECT which will allow clients to
+ connect and renegotiate with servers which do not support RI.
+ Until RI is more widely deployed this option is enabled by default.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Add "missing" ssl ctrls to clear options and mode.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) If client attempts to renegotiate and doesn't support RI respond with
+ a no_renegotiation alert as required by RFC5746. Some renegotiating
+ TLS clients will continue a connection gracefully when they receive
+ the alert. Unfortunately OpenSSL mishandled this alert and would hang
+ waiting for a server hello which it will never receive. Now we treat a
+ received no_renegotiation alert as a fatal error. This is because
+ applications requesting a renegotiation might well expect it to succeed
+ and would have no code in place to handle the server denying it so the
+ only safe thing to do is to terminate the connection.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Add ctrl macro SSL_get_secure_renegotiation_support() which returns 1 if
+ peer supports secure renegotiation and 0 otherwise. Print out peer
+ renegotiation support in s_client/s_server.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Replace the highly broken and deprecated SPKAC certification method with
+ the updated NID creation version. This should correctly handle UTF8.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Implement RFC5746. Re-enable renegotiation but require the extension
+ turns out to be a bad idea. It has been replaced by
+ SSL_CTX_set_options(). This is really not recommended unless you
+ know what you are doing.
+ [Eric Rescorla <ekr@networkresonance.com>, Ben Laurie, Steve Henson]
+ *) Fixes to stateless session resumption handling. Use initial_ctx when
+ issuing and attempting to decrypt tickets in case it has changed during
+ servername handling. Use a non-zero length session ID when attempting
+ stateless session resumption: this makes it possible to determine if
+ a resumption has occurred immediately after receiving server hello
+ (several places in OpenSSL subtly assume this) instead of later in
+ the handshake.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) The functions ENGINE_ctrl(), OPENSSL_isservice(),
+ CMS_get1_RecipientRequest() and RAND_bytes() can return <=0 on error
+ fixes for a few places where the return code is not checked
+ correctly.
+ [Julia Lawall <julia@diku.dk>]
+ *) Add --strict-warnings option to Configure script to include devteam
+ warnings in other configurations.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Add support for --libdir option and LIBDIR variable in makefiles. This
+ makes it possible to install openssl libraries in locations which
+ have names other than "lib", for example "/usr/lib64" which some
+ systems need.
+ [Steve Henson, based on patch from Jeremy Utley]
+ *) Don't allow the use of leading 0x80 in OIDs. This is a violation of
+ X690 8.9.12 and can produce some misleading textual output of OIDs.
+ [Steve Henson, reported by Dan Kaminsky]
+ *) Delete MD2 from algorithm tables. This follows the recommendation in
+ several standards that it is not used in new applications due to
+ several cryptographic weaknesses. For binary compatibility reasons
+ the MD2 API is still compiled in by default.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Add compression id to {d2i,i2d}_SSL_SESSION so it is correctly saved
+ and restored.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Rename uni2asc and asc2uni functions to OPENSSL_uni2asc and
+ OPENSSL_asc2uni conditionally on Netware platforms to avoid a name
+ clash.
+ [Guenter <lists@gknw.net>]
+ *) Fix the server certificate chain building code to use X509_verify_cert(),
+ it used to have an ad-hoc builder which was unable to cope with anything
+ other than a simple chain.
+ [David Woodhouse <dwmw2@infradead.org>, Steve Henson]
+ *) Don't check self signed certificate signatures in X509_verify_cert()
+ by default (a flag can override this): it just wastes time without
+ adding any security. As a useful side effect self signed root CAs
+ with non-FIPS digests are now usable in FIPS mode.
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) In dtls1_process_out_of_seq_message() the check if the current message
+ is already buffered was missing. For every new message was memory
+ allocated, allowing an attacker to perform an denial of service attack
+ with sending out of seq handshake messages until there is no memory
+ left. Additionally every future messege was buffered, even if the
+ sequence number made no sense and would be part of another handshake.
+ So only messages with sequence numbers less than 10 in advance will be
+ buffered. (CVE-2009-1378)
+ [Robin Seggelmann, discovered by Daniel Mentz]
+ *) Records are buffered if they arrive with a future epoch to be
+ processed after finishing the corresponding handshake. There is
+ currently no limitation to this buffer allowing an attacker to perform
+ a DOS attack with sending records with future epochs until there is no
+ memory left. This patch adds the pqueue_size() function to detemine
+ the size of a buffer and limits the record buffer to 100 entries.
+ (CVE-2009-1377)
+ [Robin Seggelmann, discovered by Daniel Mentz]
+ *) Keep a copy of frag->msg_header.frag_len so it can be used after the
+ parent structure is freed. (CVE-2009-1379)
+ [Daniel Mentz]
+ *) Handle non-blocking I/O properly in SSL_shutdown() call.
+ [Darryl Miles <darryl-mailinglists@netbauds.net>]
+ *) Add 2.5.4.* OIDs
+ [Ilya O. <vrghost@gmail.com>]
+ Changes between 0.9.8k and 0.9.8l [5 Nov 2009]
+ *) Disable renegotiation completely - this fixes a severe security
+ problem (CVE-2009-3555) at the cost of breaking all
+ renegotiation. Renegotiation can be re-enabled by setting
+ run-time. This is really not recommended unless you know what
+ you're doing.
+ [Ben Laurie]
Changes between 0.9.8j and 0.9.8k [25 Mar 2009]
*) Don't set val to NULL when freeing up structures, it is freed up by
@@ -86,6 +256,10 @@
Changes between 0.9.8h and 0.9.8i [15 Sep 2008]
+ *) Fix NULL pointer dereference if a DTLS server received
+ ChangeCipherSpec as first record (CVE-2009-1386).
+ [PR #1679]
*) Fix a state transitition in s3_srvr.c and d1_srvr.c
(was using SSL3_ST_CW_CLNT_HELLO_B, should be ..._ST_SW_SRVR_...).
[Nagendra Modadugu]
@@ -1489,19 +1663,6 @@
differing sizes.
[Richard Levitte]
- Changes between 0.9.7m and 0.9.7n [xx XXX xxxx]
- *) In the SSL/TLS server implementation, be strict about session ID
- context matching (which matters if an application uses a single
- external cache for different purposes). Previously,
- out-of-context reuse was forbidden only if SSL_VERIFY_PEER was
- set. This did ensure strict client verification, but meant that,
- with applications using a single external cache for quite
- different requirements, clients could circumvent ciphersuite
- restrictions for a given session ID context by starting a session
- in a different context.
- [Bodo Moeller]
Changes between 0.9.7l and 0.9.7m [23 Feb 2007]
*) Cleanse PEM buffers before freeing them since they may contain