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<SpeculativeLoadHardening.html>`_ must be enabled for the function body.
+Changes to the JIT APIs
+The ORC (On Request Compilation) JIT APIs have been updated to support
+concurrent compilation. The existing (non-concurrent) ORC layer classes and
+related APIs are deprecated, have been renamed with a "Legacy" prefix (e.g.
+LegacyIRCompileLayer). The deprecated clasess will be removed in LLVM 9.
+An example JIT stack using the concurrent ORC APIs, called LLJIT, has been
+added (see include/llvm/ExecutionEngine/Orc/LLJIT.h). The lli tool has been
+updated to use LLJIT.
+MCJIT and ExecutionEngine continue to be supported, though ORC should be
+preferred for new projects.
Changes to the AArch64 Target
@@ -173,6 +189,26 @@ Changes to the PowerPC Target
* Enabled llvm-exegesis latency mode for PPC
+Changes to the SystemZ Target
+* A number of bugs related to C/C++ language vector extension support were
+ fixed: the ``-mzvector`` option now actually enables the ``__vector`` and
+ ``__bool`` keywords, the ``vec_step`` intrinsic now works, and the
+ ``vec_insert_and_zero`` and ``vec_orc`` intrinsics now generate correct code.
+* The ``__float128`` keyword, which had been accidentally enabled in some
+ earlier releases, is now no longer supported. On SystemZ, the ``long double``
+ data type itself already uses the IEEE 128-bit floating-point format.
+* When the compiler inlines ``strcmp`` or ``memcmp``, the generated code no
+ longer returns ``INT_MIN`` as the negative result value under any
+ circumstances.
+* Various code-gen improvements, in particular related to improved
+ auto-vectorization, inlining, and instruction scheduling.
Changes to the X86 Target