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+<TITLE>Time and the Arts</TITLE>
+<H1>Time and the Arts</H1>
+@(#)Arts.htm 7.18
+Data on recordings of "Save That Time," Russ Long, Serrob Publishing, BMI:
+Artist: Karrin Allyson
+CD: I Didn't Know About You
+Copyright Date: 1993
+Label: Concord Jazz, Inc.
+ID: CCD-4543
+Track Time: 3:44
+Personnel: Karrin Allyson, vocal
+ Russ Long, piano
+ Gerald Spaits, bass
+ Todd Strait, drums
+Notes: CD notes "additional lyric by Karrin Allyson;
+ arranged by Russ Long and Karrin Allyson"
+ADO Rating: 1 star
+<A HREF="|||175928">AMG Rating: 3.5 stars</A>
+Penguin Rating: 3.5 stars
+Artist: Kevin Mahogany
+CD: Double Rainbow
+Copyright Date: 1993
+Label: Enja Records
+ID: ENJ-7097 2
+Track Time: 6:27
+Personnel: Kevin Mahogany, vocal
+ Kenny Barron, piano
+ Ray Drummond, bss
+ Ralph Moore, tenor saxophone
+ Lewis Nash, drums
+ADO Rating: 1.5 stars
+<A HREF="|||262654">AMG Rating: unrated</A>
+Penguin Rating: 3 stars
+Artist: Joe Williams
+CD: Here's to Life
+Copyright Date: 1994
+Label: Telarc International Corporation
+ID: CD-83357
+Track Time: 3:58
+Personnel: Joe Williams, vocal
+ The Robert Farnon [39 piece] Orchestra
+Notes: On-line information and samples available at
+ <A HREF="http://www.telarc.com/telarc/releases/release.req?ID=83357">http://telarc.dmn.com/telarc/releases/release.req?ID=83357</A>
+ADO Rating: black dot
+<A HREF="|||194434">AMG Rating: 2 stars</A>
+Penguin Rating: 3 stars
+Artist: Charles Fambrough
+CD: Keeper of the Spirit
+Copyright Date: 1995
+Label: AudioQuest Music
+ID: AQ-CD1033
+Track Time: 7:07
+Personnel: Charles Fambrough, bass
+ Joel Levine, tenor recorder
+ Edward Simon, piano
+ Lenny White, drums
+ Marion Simon, percussion
+Notes: On-line information and samples available at
+ <A HREF="http://wwmusic.com/~music/audioq/rel/1033.html">http://wwmusic.com/~music/audioq/rel/1033.html</A>
+ADO Rating: 2 stars
+<A HREF="|||224430">AMG Rating: unrated</A>
+Penguin Rating: 3 stars
+Also of note:
+Artist: Holly Cole Trio
+CD: Blame It On My Youth
+Copyright Date: 1992
+Label: Manhattan
+ID: CDP 7 97349 2
+Total Time: 37:45
+Personnel: Holly Cole, voice
+ Aaron Davis, piano
+ David Piltch, string bass
+Notes: Lyrical reference to "Eastern Standard Time" in
+ Tom Waits' "Purple Avenue"
+ADO Rating: 2.5 stars
+<A HREF="|||157959">AMG Rating: 2 stars</A>
+Penguin Rating: unrated
+Artist: Milt Hinton
+CD: Old Man Time
+Copyright Date: 1990
+Label: Chiaroscuro
+ID: CR(D) 310
+Total Time: 149:38 (two CDs)
+Personnel: Milt Hinton, bass
+ Doc Cheatham, Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, trumpet
+ Al Grey, trombone
+ Eddie Barefield, Joe Camel (Flip Phillips), Buddy Tate,
+ clarinet and saxophone
+ John Bunch, Red Richards, Norman Simmons, Derek Smith,
+ Ralph Sutton, piano
+ Danny Barker, Al Casey, guitar
+ Gus Johnson, Gerryck King, Bob Rosengarden, Jackie Williams,
+ drums
+ Lionel Hampton, vibraphone
+ Cab Calloway, Joe Williams, vocal
+ Buck Clayton, arrangements
+Notes: tunes include Old Man Time, Time After Time,
+ Sometimes I'm Happy,
+ A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight,
+ Four or Five Times, Now's the Time,
+ Time on My Hands, This Time It's Us,
+ and Good Time Charlie
+ On-line samples available at
+ <A HREF="http://www.globalmusic.com/labels/chiaroscuro/chiaro_cd_gallery.html">http://www.globalmusic.com/labels/chiaroscuro/chiaro_cd_gallery.html</A>
+ADO Rating: 3 stars
+<A HREF="|||162344">AMG Rating: 4.5 stars</A>
+Penguin Rating: 3 stars
+Artist: Paul Broadbent
+CD: Pacific Standard Time
+Copyright Date: 1995
+Label: Concord Jazz, Inc.
+ID: CCD-4664
+Total Time: 62:42
+Personnel: Paul Broadbent, piano
+ Putter Smith, Bass
+ Frank Gibson, Jr., drums
+Notes: The CD cover features an analemma for equation of time fans
+ADO Rating: 1 star
+<A HREF="|||223722">AMG Rating: 3 stars</A>
+Penguin Rating: 3.5 stars
+Artist: Anthony Braxton/Richard Teitelbaum
+CD: Silence/Time Zones
+Copyright Date: 1996
+Label: Black Lion
+ID: BLCD 760221
+Total Time: 72:58
+Personnel: Anthony Braxton, sporanino and alto saxophones,
+ contrebasse clarinet, miscellaneous instruments
+ Leo Smith, trumpet and miscellaneous instruments
+ Leroy Jenkins, violin and miscellaneous instruments
+ Richard Teitelbaum, modular moog and micromoog synthesizer
+ADO Rating: black dot
+<A HREF="">AMG Rating: unrated</A>
+Artist: Jules Verne
+Book: Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingts Jours
+ (Around the World in Eighty Days)
+Notes: Wall-clock time plays a central role in the plot.
+ European readers of the 1870s clearly held the U.S. press in
+ deep contempt; the protagonists cross the U.S. without once
+ reading a paper.
+ An on-line French-language version of the book
+ "with illustrations from the original 1873 French-language edition"
+ is available at
+ <A HREF="http://fourmilab.ch/etexts/www/tdm80j">http://fourmilab.ch/etexts/www/tdm80j</A>
+ An on-line English-language translation of the book is available at
+ <A HREF="http://www.literature.org/Works/Jules-Verne/eighty">http://www.literature.org/Works/Jules-Verne/eighty</A>
+Film: Bell Science - About Time
+Notes: The Frank Baxter/Richard Deacon extravaganza
+ Information on ordering is available at
+ <A HREF="http://www.videoflicks.com/VF/38/038332.htm">http://www.videoflicks.com/VF/38/038332.htm</A>
+The syndicated comic strip "Dilbert" featured an all-too-rare example of
+time zone humor on 1998-03-14.