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MFS: r366050, r366117
Fix a LOR between the NFS server and server side krpc. Recent testing of the NFS-over-TLS code found a LOR between the mutex lock used for sessions and the sleep lock used for server side krpc socket structures. The code in nfsrv_checksequence() and nfsrv_bindconnsess() would call SVC_RELEASE() with mutex(es) held. Normally this is ok, since all that happens is SVC_RELEASE() decrements the reference count. However, if the socket has just been shut down, SVC_RELEASE() drops the reference count to 0 and acquires a sleep lock during destruction of the server side krpc structure. This patch fixes the problem by moving the SVC_RELEASE() call in nfsrv_checksequence() and nfsrv_bindconnsess() down a few lines to below where the mutex(es) are released. Approved by: re (gjb)
Notes: svn path=/releng/12.2/; revision=366120
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