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MFC r356212,r356366,r356416,r357785
Update libarchive to version 3.4.2 Relevant vendor changes (r356212): Issue #351: Refactor and implement private state logic for write filters PR #1252: RAR5 reader - verify window size for solid files (OSS-Fuzz 15482) PR #1255: zip writer - don't append unused NUL for directories PR #1260: Fix sparse file offset overflow on 32-bit systems PR #1263: UNICODE filename support for reading lha/lzh format Issue #1276: Bugfix and optimize archive_wstring_append_from_mbs() PR #1288: Add the "xattrhdr" option to pax write options PR #1295: 7z reader - fix reading archives with digests in PackInfo PR #1296: RAR5 reader - verify window size for multivolume archives PR #1297: ZIP reader - support LZMA_STREAM_END marker in 'lzma alone' files Issue #1298: Fix a heap-buffer-overflow in archive_string_append_from_wcs() OSS-Fuzz 19360, 19362: LHA reader - plug two memory leaks on error Fix possible off-by-one when dealing with readlink(2) Relevant vendor changes (r356366): Issue #1302: Plug memory leak on failure of archive_write_client_open() Relevant vendor changes (r356416): Issue #1302: Re-do fix for archive_write_client_open() Relevant vendor changes (r357785): PR #1289: atomic extraction support (bsdtar -x --safe-writes) PR #1308: big endian fix for UTF16 support in LHA reader PR #1326: reject RAR5 files that declare invalid header flags Issue #987: fix support 7z archive entries with Delta filter Issue #1317: fix compression output buffer handling in XAR writer Issue #1319: fix uname or gname longer than 32 characters in pax writer Issue #1325: fix use after free when archiving hardlinks in ISO9660 or XAR Use localtime_r() and gmtime_r() instead of localtime() and gmtime()
Notes: svn path=/stable/10/; revision=358090
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diff --git a/usr.bin/bsdcat/Makefile b/usr.bin/bsdcat/Makefile
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--- a/usr.bin/bsdcat/Makefile
+++ b/usr.bin/bsdcat/Makefile
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ _LIBARCHIVEDIR= ${SRCTOP}/contrib/libarchive
PROG= bsdcat
SRCS= bsdcat.c cmdline.c