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MFC r302075:
Update libarchive to 3.2.1 (bugfix and security fix release) List of vendor fixes: - fix exploitable heap overflow vulnerability in Rar decompression (vendor issue 719, CVE-2016-4302, TALOS-2016-0154) - fix exploitable stack based buffer overflow vulnebarility in mtree parse_device functionality (vendor PR 715, CVE-2016-4301, TALOS-2016-0153) - fix exploitable heap overflow vulnerability in 7-zip read_SubStreamsInfo (vendor issue 718, CVE-2016-4300, TALOS-2016-152) - fix integer overflow when computing location of volume descriptor (vendor issue 717) - fix buffer overflow when reading a crafred rar archive (vendor issue 521) - fix possible buffer overflow when reading ISO9660 archives on machines where sizeof(int) < sizeof(size_t) (vendor issue 711) - tar and cpio should fail if an input file named on the command line is missing (vendor issue 708) - fix incorrect writing of gnutar filenames that are exactly 512 bytes long (vendor issue 682) - allow tests to be run from paths that are equal or longer than 128 characters (vendor issue 657) - add memory allocation errors in archive_entry_xattr.c (vendor PR 603) - remove dead code in archive_entry_xattr_add_entry() (vendor PR 716) - fix broken decryption of ZIP files (vendor issue 553) - manpage style, typo and description fixes Post-3.2.1 vendor fixes: - fix typo in cpio version reporting (Vendor PR 725, 726) - fix argument range of ctype functions in libarchive_fe/passphrase.c - fix ctype use and avoid empty loop bodies in WARC reader Security: CVE-2016-4300, CVE-2016-4301, CVE-2016-4302
Notes: svn path=/stable/10/; revision=302295
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--- a/usr.bin/bsdcat/Makefile
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ _LIBARCHIVEDIR= ${.CURDIR}/../../contrib/libarchive
_LIBARCHIVECONFDIR= ${.CURDIR}/../../lib/libarchive
PROG= bsdcat
SRCS= bsdcat.c cmdline.c