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Upstream fixes for issues found with afl (Issue #417).
- Fix length checking. Check both the captured length and the on-the-wire length (the latter *should* be greater than or equal to the former, but that's not guaranteed). Add some additional length checks, so neither caplen nor length underflow. If we stop dissecting because the packet is too short, return 1, not 0, as we've "dissected" what we can; 0 means "this is LLC+SNAP with an OUI of 0 and an unknown Ethertype". commit: 743bcecdc92f88b118ec7aac4f68b606601205cc - Clean up length checks. Check only the amount of length that matters at any given point; yes, this means we do multiple checks, but so it goes. We don't need to check for LLC+SNAP - llc_print() does that for us. We do, however, need to check to make sure we can safely skip the Fore header. commit: 5c65e7532fa16308e01299988852b0dc5b027559
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