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Release FreeBSD
This commit was manufactured to restore the state of the image. Releases prior to 5.3-RELEASE are omitting the secure/ and crypto/ subdirs.
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diff --git a/sys/i386/isa/sound/debug.h b/sys/i386/isa/sound/debug.h
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--- a/sys/i386/isa/sound/debug.h
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,29 +0,0 @@
-/* Kernel driver debugging stuff - cmetz@thor.tjhsst.edu */
-#ifndef _DEBUG_H_
-#define _DEBUG_H_
-#if defined (DEBUG_ME) && !defined(HALT_DEBUGGING)
-#define DEB(X) printk("%s %s: ", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__); X
-#define DEB1(X) printk("%s %s: ", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__); X
-#define RETURN_HEX(X, Y) { Y _foo; _foo = X; printk("%s %s: 0x%x\n", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, ((int)_foo)); return(_foo); }
-#define RETURN_DEC(X, Y) { Y _foo; _foo = X; printk("%s %s: %d\n", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, ((int)_foo)); return(_foo); }
-#define RETURN_PTR(X, Y) { Y _foo; _foo = X; printk("%s %s: 0x%08x\n", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, ((void *)_foo)); return(_foo); }
-#define RETURN_ERR(X) { int _foo; _foo = X; printk("%s %s: ", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__); switch(_foo) { case 0: printk("No error"); break; case -ENODEV: printk("ENODEV"); break; case -EBUSY: printk("EBUSY"); break; default: printk("Error %d", _foo); } printk(".\n"); return(_foo); }
-#define DEB_OUTB OUTB
-#define DEB_INB INB
-#define DEB(X)
-#define DEB1(X)
-#define RETURN_HEX(X, Y) return(X)
-#define RETURN_DEC(X, Y) return(X)
-#define RETURN_PTR(X, Y) return(X)
-#define RETURN_ERR(X) return(X)
-#define DEB_OUTB OUTB
-#define DEB_INB INB