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MF11 r361755:
Disable clang's -fintegrated-cc1 stage by default In bug 246630, it was found that part of the rescue binary could be compiled to very slightly different (but still equivalent) machine code, depending on the number of simultaneous make jobs (via the -j option). This turned out to be caused by the upstream change that made clang's first stage compiler (i.e. the -cc1 stage) run as part of the initial clang process invocation, instead of forking and exec'ing a new clang process. We are currently investigating the root cause for the difference in output, but while that is ongoing, disable the integrated cc1 stage for now to work around it. You can always turn it on explicitly by using the -fintegrated-cc1 option, or turn it off with -fno-integrated-cc1. Direct commit to stable/{11,12}, so this can hopefully end up in the upcoming 11.4-RELEASE. Approved by: re (gjb) Reported by: Fabian Keil <fk@fabiankeil.de> PR: 246630
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