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authorEric Joyner <erj@FreeBSD.org>2016-05-12 18:19:31 +0000
committerEric Joyner <erj@FreeBSD.org>2016-05-12 18:19:31 +0000
commita48d00d27617b9641c70900bcda4309e16f0ddb5 (patch)
tree991b32924237f49a160552ec7750d99d6b1c8aa9 /sys/dev/ixl/ixl.h
parentac83ea833d494a651c3fa807c90675b724a78c19 (diff)
ixl: Update to 1.4.6-k.
Changes by author: Greg Rose ixl: Add MAC+VLAN filter for LAA MAC assignment Carolyn Wyborny i40e_shared: fix for PHY NVM interaction problem Anjali Singhai Jain i40e-shared: Fix an accidental error with BIT_ULL replacement Eric Joyner ixl: Fix potential crash when loading driver a startup and cannot setup all requested MSIX vectors. Eric Joyner ixl: Add max of 8 queues limit to autoconfig. Eric Joyner ixl: Re-add ian@'s sysctl fixes from upstream (r280043). Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D6211 Reviewed by: sbruno, kmacy, jeffrey.e.pieper@intel.com MFC after: 2 weeks Sponsored by: Intel Corporation
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=299546
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diff --git a/sys/dev/ixl/ixl.h b/sys/dev/ixl/ixl.h
index 3ab27642d3e5..09cc5ad009b4 100644
--- a/sys/dev/ixl/ixl.h
+++ b/sys/dev/ixl/ixl.h
@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@
#ifdef PCI_IOV
#include <sys/nv.h>
#include <sys/iov_schema.h>
+#include <dev/pci/pci_iov.h>
#include "i40e_type.h"
@@ -313,6 +314,7 @@
#define IXL_RX_UNLOCK(_sc) mtx_unlock(&(_sc)->mtx)
#define IXL_RX_LOCK_DESTROY(_sc) mtx_destroy(&(_sc)->mtx)
+/* Pre-11 counter(9) compatibility */
#if __FreeBSD_version >= 1100036
#define IXL_SET_IPACKETS(vsi, count) (vsi)->ipackets = (count)
#define IXL_SET_IERRORS(vsi, count) (vsi)->ierrors = (count)