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authorPeter Wemm <peter@FreeBSD.org>2013-07-28 05:04:41 +0000
committerPeter Wemm <peter@FreeBSD.org>2013-07-28 05:04:41 +0000
commit97551b2898eb459e9b616947d87d026d27b61518 (patch)
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Import subversion-1.8.1 into vendor staging area.vendor/subversion/subversion-1.8.1
Notes: svn path=/vendor/subversion/dist/; revision=253728 svn path=/vendor/subversion/subversion-1.8.1/; revision=253729; tag=vendor/subversion/subversion-1.8.1
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diff --git a/subversion/svn/cl.h b/subversion/svn/cl.h
index f7ebee668290..8cc358c9822d 100644
--- a/subversion/svn/cl.h
+++ b/subversion/svn/cl.h
@@ -806,23 +806,6 @@ svn_cl__local_style_skip_ancestor(const char *parent_path,
const char *path,
apr_pool_t *pool);
-/* Check that PATH_OR_URL1@REVISION1 is related to PATH_OR_URL2@REVISION2.
- * Raise an error if not.
- *
- * ### Ideally we would also check that they are on different lines of
- * history. That is easy in common cases, but to give a correct answer in
- * general we need to know the operative revision(s) as well. For example,
- * when one location is the branch point from which the other branch was
- * copied.
- */
-svn_error_t *
-svn_cl__check_related_source_and_target(const char *path_or_url1,
- const svn_opt_revision_t *revision1,
- const char *path_or_url2,
- const svn_opt_revision_t *revision2,
- svn_client_ctx_t *ctx,
- apr_pool_t *pool);
/* If the user is setting a mime-type to mark one of the TARGETS as binary,
* as determined by property name PROPNAME and value PROPVAL, then check
* whether Subversion's own binary-file detection recognizes the target as