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committerCy Schubert <cy@FreeBSD.org>2018-04-03 19:36:00 +0000
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Import MIT KRB5 1.16.vendor/krb5/1.16vendor/krb5
Notes: svn path=/vendor-crypto/krb5/dist/; revision=331939 svn path=/vendor-crypto/krb5/1.16/; revision=331941; tag=vendor/krb5/1.16
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diff --git a/src/util/k5test.py b/src/util/k5test.py
index c3d0263773be..4d30baf40454 100644
--- a/src/util/k5test.py
+++ b/src/util/k5test.py
@@ -223,8 +223,11 @@ Scripts may use the following realm methods and attributes:
command-line debugging options. Fail if the command does not return
0. Log the command output appropriately, and return it as a single
multi-line string. Keyword arguments can contain input='string' to
- send an input string to the command, and expected_code=N to expect a
- return code other than 0.
+ send an input string to the command, expected_code=N to expect a
+ return code other than 0, expected_msg=MSG to expect a substring in
+ the command output, and expected_trace=('a', 'b', ...) to expect an
+ ordered series of line substrings in the command's KRB5_TRACE
+ output.
* realm.kprop_port(): Returns a port number based on realm.portbase
intended for use by kprop and kpropd.
@@ -647,10 +650,31 @@ def _stop_or_shell(stop, shell, env, ind):
subprocess.call(os.getenv('SHELL'), env=env)
-def _run_cmd(args, env, input=None, expected_code=0):
+# Read tracefile and look for the expected strings in successive lines.
+def _check_trace(tracefile, expected):
+ output('*** Trace output for previous command:\n')
+ i = 0
+ with open(tracefile, 'r') as f:
+ for line in f:
+ output(line)
+ if i < len(expected) and expected[i] in line:
+ i += 1
+ if i < len(expected):
+ fail('Expected string not found in trace output: ' + expected[i])
+def _run_cmd(args, env, input=None, expected_code=0, expected_msg=None,
+ expected_trace=None):
global null_input, _cmd_index, _last_cmd, _last_cmd_output, _debug
global _stop_before, _stop_after, _shell_before, _shell_after
+ if expected_trace is not None:
+ tracefile = 'testtrace'
+ if os.path.exists(tracefile):
+ os.remove(tracefile)
+ env = env.copy()
+ env['KRB5_TRACE'] = tracefile
if (_match_cmdnum(_debug, _cmd_index)):
return _debug_cmd(args, env, input)
@@ -679,6 +703,13 @@ def _run_cmd(args, env, input=None, expected_code=0):
# Check the return code and return the output.
if code != expected_code:
fail('%s failed with code %d.' % (args[0], code))
+ if expected_msg is not None and expected_msg not in outdata:
+ fail('Expected string not found in command output: ' + expected_msg)
+ if expected_trace is not None:
+ _check_trace(tracefile, expected_trace)
return outdata