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Vendor import of stripped lldb trunk r375505, the last commit before thevendor/lldb/lldb-trunk-r375505vendor/lldb
upstream Subversion repository was made read-only, and the LLVM project migrated to GitHub: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/lldb/trunk@375505
Notes: svn path=/vendor/lldb/dist/; revision=353952 svn path=/vendor/lldb/lldb-r375505/; revision=353953; tag=vendor/lldb/lldb-trunk-r375505
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+include "../../include/lldb/Core/PropertiesBase.td"
+let Definition = "interpreter" in {
+ def ExpandRegexAliases: Property<"expand-regex-aliases", "Boolean">,
+ Global,
+ DefaultFalse,
+ Desc<"If true, regular expression alias commands will show the expanded command that will be executed. This can be used to debug new regular expression alias commands.">;
+ def PromptOnQuit: Property<"prompt-on-quit", "Boolean">,
+ Global,
+ DefaultTrue,
+ Desc<"If true, LLDB will prompt you before quitting if there are any live processes being debugged. If false, LLDB will quit without asking in any case.">;
+ def StopCmdSourceOnError: Property<"stop-command-source-on-error", "Boolean">,
+ Global,
+ DefaultTrue,
+ Desc<"If true, LLDB will stop running a 'command source' script upon encountering an error.">;
+ def SpaceReplPrompts: Property<"space-repl-prompts", "Boolean">,
+ Global,
+ DefaultFalse,
+ Desc<"If true, blank lines will be printed between between REPL submissions.">;
+ def EchoCommands: Property<"echo-commands", "Boolean">,
+ Global,
+ DefaultTrue,
+ Desc<"If true, commands will be echoed before they are evaluated.">;
+ def EchoCommentCommands: Property<"echo-comment-commands", "Boolean">,
+ Global,
+ DefaultTrue,
+ Desc<"If true, commands will be echoed even if they are pure comment lines.">;