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MFC: r352191
Merge OpenSSL 1.1.1d.
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-.\" Automatically generated by Pod::Man 4.10 (Pod::Simple 3.35)
+.\" Automatically generated by Pod::Man 4.11 (Pod::Simple 3.39)
.\" Standard preamble:
.\" ========================================================================
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@
.\" ========================================================================
.IX Title "PKCS12 1"
-.TH PKCS12 1 "2019-05-28" "1.1.1c" "OpenSSL"
+.TH PKCS12 1 "2019-09-10" "1.1.1d" "OpenSSL"
.\" For nroff, turn off justification. Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
.\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
.if n .ad l
@@ -320,7 +320,8 @@ for this search. If the search fails it is considered a fatal error.
.IX Item "-descert"
Encrypt the certificate using triple \s-1DES,\s0 this may render the PKCS#12
file unreadable by some \*(L"export grade\*(R" software. By default the private
-key is encrypted using triple \s-1DES\s0 and the certificate using 40 bit \s-1RC2.\s0
+key is encrypted using triple \s-1DES\s0 and the certificate using 40 bit \s-1RC2\s0
+unless \s-1RC2\s0 is disabled in which case triple \s-1DES\s0 is used.
.IP "\fB\-keypbe alg\fR, \fB\-certpbe alg\fR" 4
.IX Item "-keypbe alg, -certpbe alg"
These options allow the algorithm used to encrypt the private key and