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- revert back to vmcore.#
- reimplement -z - use syslog() - improve consistancy of messages - allow -f to recover cleared dumps - return bufsize to 1024 * 1024 - return the ability to write sparse files - update man page - fix minfree to require 2k for info file instead of the kernel size - include Berkeley copyright too due to amount of old code copied Submitted by: Chad David <davidc@acns.ab.ca>
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=96049
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diff --git a/sbin/savecore/savecore.8 b/sbin/savecore/savecore.8
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--- a/sbin/savecore/savecore.8
+++ b/sbin/savecore/savecore.8
@@ -43,12 +43,14 @@
.Fl c
.Op Fl fkvz
-.Op Fl N Ar system
-.Ar directory
+.Op Ar directory Op Ar device ...
.Nm Savecore
-copies the currently running kernel and its associated core dump into
+copies a core dump into
.Fa directory ,
+or the current working directory if no
+.Fa directory
+argument is given,
and enters a reboot message and information about the core dump into
the system log.
@@ -59,15 +61,9 @@ Clear the dump, so that future invocations of
will ignore it.
.It Fl f
-Force a dump to be taken even if the dump doesn't appear correct or there
-is insufficient disk space.
+Force a dump to be taken even if the dump was cleared.
.It Fl k
Do not clear the dump after saving it.
-.It Fl N
-.Ar system
-as the kernel instead of the running kernel (as determined from
-.Xr getbootfile 3 ) .
.It Fl v
Print out some additional debugging information.
.It Fl z
@@ -76,12 +72,17 @@ Compress the core dump and kernel (see
.Nm Savecore
-checks the core dump in various ways to make sure that it is current and
-that it corresponds to the currently running system.
+looks for dumps on each device specified by the
+.Ar device
+argument(s), or on each device in
+.Pa /etc/fstab
+marked as "dump" or "swap".
+.Nm Savecore
+checks the core dump in various ways to make sure that it is complete.
If it passes these checks, it saves the core image in
.Ar directory Ns Pa /vmcore.#
-and the system in
-.Ar directory Ns Pa /kernel.#
+and information about the core in
+.Ar directory Ns Pa /info.#
The ``#'' is the number from the first line of the file
.Ar directory Ns Pa /bounds ,
and it is incremented and stored back into the file each time
@@ -111,7 +112,7 @@ is meant to be called near the end of the initialization file
.Xr rc 8 ) .
-The minfree code does not consider the effect of compression.
+The minfree code does not consider the effect of compression or sparse files.
.Xr gzip 1 ,
.Xr getbootfile 3 ,