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@@ -101,14 +101,16 @@ checks the core dump in various ways to make sure that it is complete.
If it passes these checks, it saves the core image in
.Ar directory Ns Pa /vmcore.#
and information about the core in
-.Ar directory Ns Pa /info.#
+.Ar directory Ns Pa /info.# .
For kernel textdumps generated with the
.Xr textdump 4
facility, output will be stored in the
.Xr tar 5
format and named
-.Ar director Ns Pa /textdump.tar.#
-The ``#'' is the number from the first line of the file
+.Ar directory Ns Pa /textdump.tar.# .
+.Dq #
+is the number from the first line of the file
.Ar directory Ns Pa /bounds ,
and it is incremented and stored back into the file each time