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Change ld.so to correctly load dependant libraries for dlopen and unload them
on dlclose. Also correctly call constructors and destructors for libraries linked with /usr/lib/c++rt0.o. Change interpretation of dlopen manpage to call _init() rather than init() for dlopened objects. Change c++rt0.o to avoid using atexit to call destructors, allowing dlclose to call destructors when an object is unloaded. Change interface between crt0 and ld.so to allow crt0 to call a function on exit to call destructors for shared libraries explicitly. These changes are backwards compatible. Old binaries will work with the new ld.so and new binaries will work with the old ld.so. A version number has been introduced in the crt0-ld.so interface to allow for future changes. Reviewed by: GAWollman, Craig Struble <cstruble@singularity.bevc.blacksburg.va.us>
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