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Commit the first pass of the etherswitch support.
This is designed to support the very basic ethernet switch chip behaviour, specifically: * accessing switch register space; * accessing per-PHY registers (for switches that actually expose PHYs); * basic vlan group support, which applies for the rtl8366 driver but not for the atheros switches. This also includes initial support for: * rtl8366rb support - which is a 10/100/1000 switch which supports vlan groups; * Initial Atheros AR8316 switch support - which is a 10/100/1000 switch which supports an alternate vlan configuration (so the vlan group methods are stubbed.) The general idea here is that the switch driver may speak to a variety of backend busses (mdio, i2c, spi, whatever) and expose: * If applicable, one or more MDIO busses which ethernet interfaces can then attach PHYs to via miiproxy/mdioproxy; * exposes miibusses, one for each port at the moment, so .. * .. a PHY can be exposed on each miibus, for each switch port, with all of the existing MII/ifnet framework. However: * The ifnet is manually created for now, and it isn't linked into the interface list, nor can you (currently) send/receive frames on this ifnet. At some point in the future there may be _some_ support for this, for switches with a multi-port, isolated mode. * I'm still in the process of sorting out correct(er) locking. TODO: * ray's switch code in zrouter (zrouter.org) includes a much more developed newbus API that covers the various switch methods, as well as a capability API so drivers, the switch layer and the userland utility can properly control the subset of supported features. The plan is to sort that out later, once the rest of ray's switch drivers are brought over and extended to export MII busses and PHYs. Submitted by: Stefan Bethke <stb@lassitu.de> Reviewed by: ray
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