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o Various fixes related to PCI Express:
- Even for the PCI Express host controller we need to use bus 0 for configuration space accesses to devices directly on the host controller's bus. - Pass the maximum number of slots to pci_ocp_init() because the caller knows how many slots the bus has. Previously a PCI or PCI-X bus underneath a PCI Express host controller would not be enumerated properly. o Pull the interrupt routing logic out of pci_ocp_init() and into its own function. The logic is not quite right and is expected to be a bit more complex. o Fix/add support for PCI domains. The PCI domain is the unit number as per other PCI host controller drivers. As such, we can use logical bus numbers again and don't have to guarantee globally unique bus numbers. Remove pci_ocp_busnr. Return the highest bus number ito the caller of pci_ocp_init() now that we don't have a global variable anymore. o BAR programming fixes: - Non-type0 headers have at most 1 BAR, not 0. - First write ~0 to the BAR in question and then read back its size. Obtained from: Juniper Networks (mostly)
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